Quiz: Are You Sophisticated Enough To Ace This Southern Phrases Test?

If the word "y'all" sounds weird coming from you, proceed with caution.

 Nov 03, 2017
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Question: 1/15Pick your answer!

In New Orleans, the neutral ground is the ___________.
shoulder of the road

Question: 2/15Pick your answer!

The song 'Losing My Religion' is named after a Southern expression that means _________.
to be forgetful
to have a crush on someone unattainable
to lose one's temper

Question: 3/15Pick your answer!

A "spring chicken" is a __________ person.

Question: 4/15Pick your answer!

In New Orleans, Coke, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, etc. are called ___________.
cold drinks
diabetes geysers
soft drinks

Question: 5/15Pick your answer!

In the South, a young child can be described as "knee-high to a __________."

Question: 6/15Pick your answer!

In the South, Bic's signature products are called __________.
cylinder pens
ink pens

Question: 7/15Pick your answer!

In the South, cigarettes are sometimes called by the nickname ___________.
cancer sticks
newsroom sticks
party favors

Question: 8/15Pick your answer!

In New Orleans, people go to the supermarket to "___________ groceries."

Question: 9/15Pick your answer!

In New Orleans, "by my cousin" means ___________.
instead of or in place of my cousin
at my cousin's house
according to what my cousin said

Question: 10/15Pick your answer!

In New Orleans, a sandwich that has lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise is said to be __________.
luncheon style
the works

Question: 11/15Pick your answer!

In the South, someone who is very _________ is said to be as __________ a Cooter Brown.

Question: 12/15Pick your answer!

In the South, when people say "Bless her heart!" what do they really mean?
She doesn't know that I know this.
I feel sorry for her, but she's not too bright.
I am very grateful to her.

Question: 13/15Pick your answer!

In the South, people often describe an old person as older than _________.

Question: 14/15Pick your answer!

In Louisiana, lagniappe is ___________.
a freebie
a type of pastry
a summer rainstorm

Question: 15/15Pick your answer!

In Louisiana, which of these words has two syllables?
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