Quiz: 95% Of Americans Can't Pass This Basic Money Test. Can You?

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Money doesn't grow on trees...

Test your knowledge of U.S. and foreign currency and basic financial literacy with this fun trivia quiz.

 Nov 10, 2017
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Which metal gives U.S. pennies their color?
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Which combination of coins could you use to buy an 85-cent candy bar?
three quarters and one dime
three quarters and one nickel
six dimes and three nickels
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What's a "good" credit score?
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How many millions are in a billion?
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Which motto appears about the amount on the face of a dollar bill?
In God We Trust
America The Free
We The People
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Who appears on the one-dollar coin?
John F. Kennedy
Susan B. Anthony
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What is the unit of currency of Germany?
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Which historical woman will be the face of the $20 bill?
Susan B. Anthony
Harriet Tubman
Marilyn Monroe
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Are $2 bills still made?
No, they are no longer made but are still in circulation
No, they are no longer in circulation
Yes, but not as many as the other bills
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The financial crime of stealing money from the company that employs you is called __________.
insider trading
money laundering
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What is the unit of currency of the United Kingdom?
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What is collateral?
a piece of property that a creditor may seize if you don't repay a loan
income from investments
a recurring expense
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The U.S. $50 bill depicts _________.
Ulysses S. Grant
Alexander Hamilton
Benjamin Franklin
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Which of the following best describes Bitcoin?
fiat currency
virtual currency
hard money
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Which of the following is NOT a major American bank?
Fells Wargo
Citi Bank
Bank Of America
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What is the name of the department that produces and circulates money?
United States Mint
United States Center For Bills And Coins
United States Money-Maker
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