Quiz: 15 Things That You Probably Didn't Know You Knew


Sometimes mnemonics will help you figure these out, and sometimes they won't.

This fun trivia quiz contains questions about science facts related to plants, animals, minerals, and chemistry.

 Oct 19, 2017

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Compared to most crocodile species, the American alligator ____________.
has poor eyesight
spends less time on land
has a round snout

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Which of these dessert ingredients is vegan, containing no animal products?

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Which vegetables belong to the nightshade family?
broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage
beans, chickpeas, and lentils
eggplant, tomato, potato, and peppers

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Aurora borealis is also known as the __________.
Northern Lights
Milky Way
Dog Star

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Which of these pairs of animals is most closely related?
giraffe and okapi
panda and koala
rhinoceros and hippopotamus

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Female Komodo dragons ___________.
can reproduce even when their eggs have not been fertilized by a male
are about twice as large as males
can change their sex and become male

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The atomic number of an element on the Periodic Table is determined by _________.
how many protons it has
when it was discovered
how abundant it is

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Helium, neon, and xenon are _________.
noble gases
liquid at room temperature
radioactive elements

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Lanthanum, cerium, and thulium are __________.
radioactive elements
man-made elements
rare earth elements

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Titanium, chromium, and manganese are ___________.
gases at room temperature in their elemental form
transition metals
radioactive elements

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A ruby is a red __________.

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_________ is the concept that objects tend to stay in motion or at rest.

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Elemental mercury is a __________ at room temperature.

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Elemental chlorine is a __________ at room temperature.

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Leukocytes are a types of _________ cell.
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