Shows Like Riverdale | 10 Shows You Need To Watch If You Love Riverdale

Find other shows similar to Riverdale that you can watch until the new season starts. Which other shows combine nostalgia, mystery, and teen drama like Riverdale?

10 Shows You Need To Watch If You Love Riverdale

Riverdale on the CW is one of a kind. It is just the right mix of innocent and gritty. What other show would, in 2017, make you take seriously a character named Jughead (Cole Sprouse)? Taking a Baby Boomer comic book franchise and rebooting it for Millennials as successfully as the creators of Riverdale have done is no small feat. It's no wonder fans can hardly wait for a third season to begin. Here are ten other shows like Riverdale you can watch to pass the time until the new season of Riverdale begins.

Beverly Hills 90210

You enjoyed watching Luke Perry play Archie's dad on Riverdale. Try watching the original Beverly Hills 90210 from the 90s, the show that made him a star. Fans of 90s fashion will enjoy it more than the reboot.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Like Riverdale, Buffy The Vampire Slayer has an ensemble cast of teen characters, and its plots revolve around supernatural mysteries. If you are looking to lose yourself in another whimsical teenage world with just enough danger to keep things interesting, you will enjoy this show.

The Flash

The Flash is based on a very different series of comic books from the ones that form the basis of Riverdale. Still, fans of Riverdale will enjoy The Flash. Like Riverdale, it combines the thrills of its action-based plots with character development and romance.

13 Reasons Why

Unlike Riverdale, which is set in an escapist, comic-book universe, the mystery in 13 Reasons Why is connected to events that could absolutely happen in the real world. In fact, 13 Reasons Why has caused controversy because the plot point about a teenager's death by suicide is a little too plausible. Still, if you are looking for other mystery shows like Riverdale, you might enjoy 13 Reasons Why.


The similarities between Ravenswood and Riverdale go beyond the fact that both shows are named after fictional towns that begin with the same letter. The biggest similarity between Ravenswood and Riverdale is that the plots are mysteries with supernatural elements. The protagonists of Ravenswood are also teenagers.

Veronica Mars

Others have pointed out that Riverdale and Veronica Mars both have a major character named Veronica, but that is not the only thing they have in common. While Veronica Mars does not have the same basis in comic books as Riverdale, both shows feature quick-witted young women who solve mysteries.

Twin Peaks

At first glance, the differences between Riverdale and Twin Peaks stand out more than the similarities. Twin Peaks derives much of its appeal from a very 90s variety of subtle humor, and its main characters are a lot older than the ones in Riverdale. In both shows, however, the quirky town where the mystery plays out is practically a character in its own right.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is much scarier than Riverdale. Stephen King's influence on the writers of Stranger Things is immediately noticeable. Riverdale fans will enjoy Stranger Things because of the teen cast and mystery plots.

Pretty Little Liars

Riverdale has its mean girls, but the mean girls take center stage in Pretty Little Liars. Mystery and a wisecracking ensemble cast are among the elements that Riverdale and Pretty Little Liars share.

Jane The Virgin

Jane the Virgin does not focus on comic books or mysteries, but it will still be enjoyable to fans of Riverdale. As in Riverdale, the quirky characters and witty humor are a big part of the appeal of Jane the Virgin.

Gilmore Girls

Like Riverdale, Gilmore Girls is set in a fictional town that has its own personality, much like the namesake town in Twin Peaks. Also like Riverdale, Gilmore Girls always seems to be glancing toward the fourth wall, with its abundance of pop culture references.

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