The Best Bumble Opening Lines For 2018

Read some of the best opening lines women have used on the Bumble dating app. Find out about clever lines posted on Bumble by its female users.

Ladies First Is The Rule Of Opening Lines On Bumble

Bumble is a dating app designed for people who are normally creeped out by online dating. Its target audience is women who hesitate to use other dating apps because they fear getting sleazy and downright harassing messages from guys, while the guys of Bumble are also looking for a sleaze-free way to meet that special someone. It is the Sadie Hawkins dance of dating apps, where the ladies are the ones who ask the guys to dance (or go on a date). On Bumble, as elsewhere online and offline, pickup lines are met with a roll of the eyes, and rightfully so, some ladies on Bumble have posted some witty opening lines.

You Can't Go Wrong With Cheesy Jokes As Opening Lines On Bumble

Your goofy sense of humor will probably be well-received on Bumble. It certainly was for the Bumble user who started a conversation with, "How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice." Of course, there will be some people out there who think you are trying too hard to play the role of the manic pixie dream girl, but Bumble tends to be the kind of atmosphere where the most appropriate way to respond to a cheesy joke is with another cheesy joke. If that's you, then Bumble is a great place to be your true, silly self. It could even lead to a serious face-to-face conversation about the melting of the polar ice caps.

Brainteasers As Opening Lines On Bumble

At least one Bumble user has started conversations with, "What came first, the chicken or the egg?" The question, which, outside of Bumble, is usually rhetorical, generated quite a variety of responses, and they ranged from funny to philosophical. The value of uses a question like this is that it allows you to bypass small talk entirely. It can lead to a conversation about chickens or even a conversation about life itself.

Games As Opening Lines On Bumble

Playing games with other people's emotions is generally a bad idea when it comes to relationships. Playing word games, like "20 Questions" or "A, My Name Is Alice," however, can be a whole lot of fun. Try starting a conversation with "Animal, vegetable, or mineral?" and see what happens. When trying to guess which animal, vegetable, or mineral the other person is thinking about, each of you will find out a lot about how the other person thinks.

Some Bumble users like to play more risque games like "Truth or Dare" or even the game that ranks the attractiveness of celebrities. If that is your style, go for it, but to see what kind of road trip companion the person you are talking to on Bumble might be, you are better off sticking with family friendly games, such as you might play at summer camp. You could even challenge your Bumble conversation partner to a game of "Chubby Bunny." In order to determine a winner for that game, you almost have to play in person, or at least by video chat.

If you are really feeling creative, your Bumble opening line could even be a miniature round of Mad Libs. It could be dating related, such as, "I would love to meet a [adjective] woman who loves to [verb] and go on a date with her at a [noun]." Your conversation partner might respond with "fearless/swim/roller skating rink" or "sincere/laugh/sushi restaurant," for example. Your sentence could also be something completely out of left field, or even a sentence from a Mad Libs book that you used to play when you were in elementary school.