Quiz: If You Can Get 15/20 On This, Your IQ Is In The 99th Percentile


Just don't be a show-off about it. Book learning does not always equal wisdom.

This fun trivia quiz contains general knowledge questions, covering subjects like language, history, and biology.

 Nov 04, 2017
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The moon orbits the earth approximately once every ________.
4 hours
28 days
365 days
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Which statement is true about marsupials?
They spend their first weeks of life in a pouch on the mother's belly.
They lay eggs.
They live under water.
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A bearded dragon is a type of _________.
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Which of the following countries has Portuguese as an official language?
Burkina Faso
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"Usually" is an adverb of _________.
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Which best describes Pangaea?
a moon of Jupiter
an ancient continent containing all of Earth's land
an undersea habitat
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In the order of operations mnemonic PEMDAS, the E stands for ________.
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The author of 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' was _________.
Lewis Carroll
Judy Blume
Johnny Depp
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The word "worst" is a ___________ adjective.
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In the U.S. Constitution, the Fifth Amendment protects against ________.
cruel and unusual punishment
religious persecution
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Solid, liquid, and gas are __________.
states of matter
laws of motion
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The Atlas Mountains are located in __________.
Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia
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"Himself" is a ____________ pronoun.
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________ is best known an as a ancient Greek playwright.
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Which of the following is a chemical element?
table salt
carbon dioxide
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A stingray is a type of _________.
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Alexander Graham Bell was the inventor of the ________.
printing press
18 of 20Pick your answer!
Who directed the highly acclaimed movie 'E.T.'?
Woody Allen
Steven Spielberg
Bill Gates
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Which best describes REM sleep?
It is the result of emotional trauma.
It occurs in about 98% of the population.
It can involve dreaming.
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Which of the following liquids is acidic?
lemon juice
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