8 Reasons Why It’s Totally Okay To Have Less Friends The Older You Get


Close Friends > Many Friends

Friends are great but as you get older you may notice that your once large circle of them has minimized. And there's nothing wrong with that.

Despite what they taught in grade school, friendships don't last forever. It's a way of life and here are some reasons why it really isn't such a bad thing.

Here's why:

1. People Change


As we get older and live our lives, people change. Some times that change means you aren't as cool with someone as before or you've just drifted apart. Kudos to growth even if it's not necessarily together.

2. Smaller Circles Are Easier To Manage


We are already pulled in so many different directions. No one needs that in their social life. You probably notice you have tiers of friends and usually the go-to's are a small knit circle that aren't too hard to keep track of.

3. Ain't Nobody Got Time For That Drama


This goes back to keeping tabs and keeping track of your friends, ON TOP of balancing your life. More friends means more opportunities for there to be drama and ain't nobody got time for that.

4. We Are Working On Ourselves


When you get older you're trying to establish who you are and what you're meant to do in this world that it's complicated to hitch a bunch of people along for the ride. Also, people think you're ghosting them and get super emotional if you're flying under the radar. Too much trouble trying to balance your feelings and consider so many other people's as well.

5. Many Weren't Your Real Friends Anyways


Cue the violins but not every person you meet in life is supposed to be your life long friend. Burst that bubble really quick. Sadly and fortunately school spheres allow us to be around people who become our good friends but we are bound to make some sort of friendship because we are all forced to be there. Once high school is over, that realization sinks in real quick.

6. We Aren't The Same


People fall in love with the person they met at first which could have literally been anyone. But as years progressed, you've changed certain things about yourself and maybe those "friends" don't like the new, sophisticated you.

7. You're Making Wise Decisions


Some people are toxic for your life and they don't need to be in it. Hopefully, as you get older you delegate your friendships and only keep the ones that don't drag you down or make you act out of character.

8. Being "Popular" Was Totally High School Squabble


Life is not high school. No one is trying to be the most popular, or at least if you're just living for you, you aren't. When you're older you stop thinking about what others think of you and you aren't putting in any extra work to appease anyone.

So if you have to go solo or with just a few in the click, that's fine. You go Glen Coco!