22 Absurd Tweets That Prove Chivalry Is Flat Out Dead

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If you're looking for chivalry, grab a shovel because it's buried​.

It seems like the more years progress, the more we mourn the death of chivalry. No one knows when it died but we all know that it's basically gone.

Don't believe me? Here's proof:

1. Was It Swapped With Being Controlling?


There's nothing wrong with a man that likes to take charge but this is borderline awkward. Oh, and controlling.

2. Maybe Rudeness Took Its Place


While President Trump is a prime example of how to treat a woman, said no one ever, this was just one of his many attempts to drag his running candidate during election season. That is the absolute complete opposite of chivalry.

3. Not Even A Cushion Before The Blow


When we said we liked someone straightforward we didn't mean talking straight from your ass.

4. Can't Hide From The Truth


If there was a way to give this man a digital standing ovation, I'm sure it would probably break the internet. Way to smash the truth into 140 characters or less

5. Chivalry Works Both Ways, Ladies


Ladies, we are certainly guilty of picking the wrong guys to have relationships with and it's usually after we stepped over the nice, sweet guy who was trying to get out attention all along.

6. Hey, We Don't ALL Deserve That


Again ladies, there's probably some truth to this. Chivalry can be played horribly or well on both sides of the gender field. Besides, this is borderline hilarious.

7. It's So Dead We Can't Even Identify Cries For Help


Sadly, chivalry has become so dead that we can't even really identify the times when we should probably use and maybe, I don't know, empathize.

8. Eww, Get That Sexist Sh*t Out Of Here


There's hardly anything you can say to follow an annoyingly insensitive sexist comment. If you fall for it ladies, you've failed us.

9. No One Likes The Insecure Type


Not sure who thought chivalry could be replaced with jokingly, or not, putting yourself down.

10. To Add Insult To Injury


Usually we're called "loud" because we are talking about something you just don't want to hear. Not our fault you have selective hearing.

11. Period Jokes Are Always Fun. NOT!


Trust us, the day men have periods is the day we see every sanitary pad, tampons etc. given away for free and there may even be free therapy sessions to get them through the process.

12. Maybe It Swapped With Reverse Psychology?


We see what you did there, but don't think that is quite going to work either.

13. Yuck, Where Is The Nearest Bathroom? #Gag


And who knew a turn off button could appear in word-form?

14. Activate Cheesy Pick-Up Line


The only thing that we are actively protesting is the death of chivalry. This just reminded us of that.

15. Keep Those Germs Far, Far Away.


Good try but once anyone hears the word contagious they're running towards the hand sanitizer and Lysol wipes.

16. What The Pho?


Not sure when food puns became "the thing" but if you can't beat them, eat them.

17. Because The World Isn't Scary Enough


Ladies are smart enough to weed out the crazy from the smooth talk. I mean who buries creepy things like this under charm? Sociopaths.

18. Ladies Are Guilty Too


The heart wants what the heart wants, but safe to say she has different body parts in mind.

19. You Can Forget About Love Poems


Roses are red, violets are blue, chivalry is dead. Forget rhyming, I told you so.

20. Throwback No Thanks


Since when did social media hash tags become the subject of pick up lines? Robots should just take over now.

21. Watch Your Comfort Level Transform


Women are beautiful in all shapes, shades and forms, but we haven't quite reached mechanical models just yet.

22. Not Funny, Not Even A Little Bit


There's a lot of things we can use as a starting point for a joke or pick-up line, but a dying wife probably isn't the best choice. Seriously.

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