20 Embarrassing Things All Cat Owners Do But Totally Keep Secret, 'Til Now

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Some people really are just the cat's meow.

1. You Beg For Their Attention


Most cat owners that they are begging for their cat's attention because they are often times dependent animal.

2. You Animate How You Think They'd Talk


Look, we have so many questions about how our animals would be as humans. So what if we actually try it out ourselves.

3. You Get Overly Excited About Seeing Them


People can be a drag, so coming home to a furry friend an put your people problems at ease.

4. You Compare Them To Other People's Cats


Whether it just makes us feel better about our cat decision or not, we love comparing.

5. You Dress Them In Cat-ostrophic Oufits


They just look so darn cute in everything you really just can't resist.

6. You Convince Yourself They're A Member Of The Family


There's no protocol to who can or can not be considered family. We don't discriminate.

7. You Mimic Their Meow


Practice makes perfect right? If you're around something enough, you're sort of obligated to join in.

8. You Unknowlingly Talk About Them All Of The Time


Certainly whatever you were going to say can come second to my cat.

9. You Groom Them More Than Yourself


Beautifying an animal can be a lot more amusing and fun than tending to yourself. Just don't forget to shower and wash behind the ears.

10. You Play With Them Like You're A Cat


Look, cat calling may be seen as completely inappropriate but no one said anything about cat crawling, okay?

11. You Talk To Them Like They're A Person


Animals are great listeners because they have no choice but to hear and aren't just waiting for their chance to speak.

12. You Give Up Your Comfort For Theirs


It's okay if you don't sleep but if your cat is restless, that is just completely unacceptable.

13. Calling Them Every Name Except The One You Picked For Them


It's so hard to stick to one name when your pet just has so much freaking personality.

14. Brushing Off Their Violence As Something Cute


Sure, you broke skin but the bond we share can never be broken...or bleed.

15. You Politely Ask Them Not To Do Mischevious Things


Be careful not to raise your voice too much. No one likes hurt feelings.

16. You Try To Hold Their Paw Like It's A Hand


As much as they don't like it, you do it anyway because how else can you show your undivided attention to them.

17. You Talk To Them In A Baby-Sounding Voice


In some way our pets do become our children and respond better when we talk to them at such...or so we've convinced ourselves.

18. You Narrate Their Every Move


hey, life's a lot more fun when you're explaining everything that's going on like Morgan Freeman would for a movie...featuring your cat.

19. You Ask Them Questions And Consider A Meow A Response


What are you a cat expert? Clearly the meow means they agree.

20. You Take Pictures Of Them Doing ANYTHING


Animals are a lot more photogenic than we are because they don't even have to try.

21. You Get Jealous When They Show Someone More Attention Than You


Ignore us, go ahead bu don't forward your attention to someone else. I AM YOUR ONLY SOMEONE.

22. You Love Them More Than Most People


And you wouldn't trade your feline friend for anything in the world.

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