13 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Married Young

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When everyone assumes you're pregnant...

Getting married is a BIG DEAL but it seems like if you get married young, people put a totally different stamp on it and there's another dragon to slay.

This is weird because people used to get married young back in the day but now, it tends to throw people off some times.

So, if you married young, you probably remember being asked these questions or found yourself in one of the predicaments.

1. Being Asked How Many Kids You Have


Now, this may be the case for some young couples, getting married to create some security for their child but it's not for everyone. Remember that thing called love? Some times people still get married for that, not because circumstances urged them to. Also, when you don't have kids and are married young, people will persistently ask you when the babies are coming.

2. Being Asked How Old You Are


You'll say it a million times but people still won't comprehend the seemingly young age that you keep telling them that you got married. It's funny but can definitely getting annoying, especially when your answer won't change.

3. People Assume You're Out Of The Loop


It's weird that when you get married young, people assume that you've lost all of your credibility in understanding the dynamics of dating. You may even find that friends will not discuss dating with you and say,"You don't understand, you're married." But didn't I have to start off dating before I was married? Or are you calling me some mail order bride?

4. People Think You're Missing Out


Because being young is often associated with being free and having choices, people think you pumped the breaks on your libido if you married young.

5. You Realize Weddings Are Overrated


Maybe for some people, the big wedding was ideal but for me, weddings and getting married young, made me realize the goal is just to get married. So no matter how you do it, courthouse, backyard etc. It's for you and that person, not other people.

6. Marriage Is Not A Disney Fairytale


Disney was a curse and a blessing in that it outlined love in these exquisite ways that we want to make our own tales. Love is complicated and marriage is hard. It's something you've got to work at, it doesn't just unfold perfectly on its own.

7. Marriage Has Many Lenses


It seems as though when you marry young, you hear everyone's opinion about marriage: the good, bad and the ugly. Because you're still eager and curious, you'll listen but take from it that your specific marriage is your own and can't be defined or hindered by anyone else's opinion.

8. You Become Less Selfish, Sooner


When you're young, you're selfish, admit it. But once you get married, often unknowingly, you realize that you aren't just living for you anyone and you start considering another human's life experiences. Crazy what love morphs you into.

9. You May Lose Some Friends


People don't like being the third wheel and marriage can be super intimidating if you're not in a relationship. So, you're bound to lose some friends who aren't ready to handle the seriousness that is your marriage.

10. The Adventure Is Just Beginning


Most people think your journey is over once you get married, especially if you're young but think about it this way. You have two young minds merging all of their hopes, dreams and wants into one relationship. Those are the ingredients to some awesome moments.

11. Fighting Is Inevitable


No relationship is perfect and while maybe the holding grudges and not speaking worked in the boyfriend, girlfriend phase, you learn very quickly that marriage is a different ball game.

12. People Change


Stagnancy is usually what changes the dynamics of a marriage. People remain the same and it's poisonous. When you're young you're still growth and quite frankly it's healthy for the relationship. Growth is key.

13. Putting Your Lives Together Isn't So Hard


Hopefully, there's not a lot of baggage, figuratively and literally, when you're young--so combining lives really isn't so hard.

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