Dear Dads, we haven't overlooked the amazing impact you have on our lives.

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He showed you your worth.

Dads are awesome and as a woman, when you get older, you may notice that you turned out a lot better than you thought because of the relationship you had with your father.

When fathers have daughters, it's wise to raise them like they are bones. Show them that it is okay to break because the strength is in the healing.

Here are the ways your dad made you stronger than you think:

1. He Didn’t Baby You..All The Time

We all have fallen victim to the daddy's little girl syndrome but some tough love from a father some times never hurt.

2. He Was Your First Real Valentine

If your dad was your first Valentine, he definitely set the bar high for any other man that happens to be a part of your life. Women aren't born immediately knowing how they should be treated but even a small gesture, like being a Valentine, sets out the blueprints.

3. He Showed You What A Gentleman Was

Whether it was opening your door or pulling out your chair, your father is the first man you're exposed to as a woman. A lot of his behaviors will be the basis on how you measure the chivalry of other men that come into your life. Seriously!

4. He Didn’t Gender-Zone Your Dreams

Maybe you said you wanted to be the next president or an engineer, your dad supported any and all of your dreams without saying that it was just something that boys did. If your own father doesn't clip your wings, you will go through life not allowing anyone else to.

5. He Talked To You About Anything

Often times there's this presumption that daughters should talk to their dads about certain things and their moms about other things. Being able to talk openly to your father about anything will allow you not to segregate conversation based on gender when you're out in the real world. And even though it may not be something he wants to hear, because your his daughter, he's listen anyway.

6. He Blasted You With Words of Wisdom

Remember those cyclical sayings or motto that your dad would parade around repeating and repeating? Well, they actually make sense when you get older and you find that you always unknowingly followed those words of wisdom, applying them to your every day life.

7. He Didn’t Always Just Agree With You

You can't go through life thinking that you're always right. If your dad ever told you to really think through about an irrational decision, it wasn't to simply prove that he was right but to teach you that every thought of decision isn't always the best decision.

8. He Showed You Your Worth

I hate to agree with society, ladies....but there is such thing as daddy issues. If you were never reinforced your worth from a male figure growing up, it's easy to fall prey to a bad situation like a relationship where you are mistreated and not praised for your value. Now, a mother can certainly fill that void as well but the cycle stated above happens often.

9. He Genuinely Asks For Your Opinion

This goes back to being able to talk to your father about anything. If your father doesn't discard your opinion or is willing to open the conversation to a kindhearted debate, that's good. Women are already going to go through life facing men who will immediately discredit their opinion because they are women. But our dads already told us the value of our words, so regardless of whether you want to hear or not, our voice is established.

10. He Treated Your Mom With Respect

Women are incredibly observant. If you pick up on the respect your father showed your mom, you envision yourself being treated with the same respect in your life. Fathers lead by example and seemingly you follow.

11. He Taught You To Be A Fighter

Now, whether this figuratively or literally, dads help you tap into a strength you probably thought you didn't have and that's because he evoked the relentless fighter in you.

12. He Helped You Love Yourself

The occasional," You're beautiful", never hurt but great dads help you see the beauty you have on the inside and on the outside.

13. He Simply Just Loved You Wholeheartedly

Love is not weak or blind. The love from a father cushions you to combat even the darkest storms, see past them and prevail.

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