Quiz: You'll Only Pass This Whiskey Test If You're From Tennessee

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Is this whiskey from Tennessee, because it's the only ten I see.

Take this fun and easy quiz to test your knowledge of whiskey, an alcoholic beverage popularized in Tennessee.

 Jan 15, 2017
1 of 15Pick the right answer!
Whiskey, lemon or lime juice, and simple syrup makes which drink?
Whiskey Sour
Mint Julep
Old Fashioned
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True or false: Irish coffee contains a shot of whiskey
3 of 15Pick the right answer!
Whiskey can last 100 years if kept in...
The sun
A glass bottle
The freezer
4 of 15Pick the right answer!
What is another name for a drink that combines cola with whiskey?
Jack and coke
Whiskey bubbly
Whiskey neat
5 of 15Pick the right answer!
During the prohibition, whiskey was used _____.
As medicine
As money
To make horses run faster
6 of 15Pick the right answer!
Whiskey was probably first distilled in __________.
7 of 15Pick the right answer!
What is the world's best selling whiskey?
Crown Royal
Jack Daniel's
Jim Beam
8 of 15Pick the right answer!
The best way to drink Tennessee whiskey is _______?
on the rocks
9 of 15Pick the right answer!
Whiskey translates to the Gaelic words "uisce beatha," which means what?
water of life
gold syrup
giggle juice
10 of 15Pick the right answer!
True or false: on average, whiskey is aged for 4 years.
11 of 15Pick the right answer!
What makes Tennessee whiskey different from other whiskeys?
it is aged for 3 1/2 years
it is distilled with wine
it is filtrated through charcoal
12 of 15Pick the right answer!
Which drink is made with whiskey?
Mint julep
White Russian
13 of 15Pick the right answer!
Another name for whiskey is ________.
14 of 15Pick the right answer!
What is the process called when whiskey is filtered through charcoal?
The Whiskey Well
The Lincoln County Process
The Tennessee Task
15 of 15Pick the right answer!
American whiskey is distilled from a fermented mash of ___________.
cereal grain
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