Quiz: Can You Answer 22 Questions Every "Mannequin" Fan Should Know?

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"I told him the world was round and I never saw him again." - Emmy

A quiz about the classic 1987 movie "Mannequin" starring Andrew McCarthy, Kim Cattrall, Estelle Getty and G. W. Bailey.

 Dec 25, 2016
1 of 22Ema "Emmy" Heshire is from ________?
2 of 22Why does Emmy pray to the gods?
to escape her mother
to ask them for forgiveness
to find true love
3 of 22What is Jonathan Switcher's profession?
4 of 22Jonathan first sees his mannequin at ___________.
Prince & Company
5 of 22How does Jonathan get his job at Prince & Company?
the owner saw his application
the owner is his brother
he saved the owner
6 of 22The eccentric window dresser is named __________.
Hollywood Montrose
Malibu Madision
Lorenzo Fabulosa
7 of 22How does Prince & Company attract its customers?
with their window displays
with a sign spinner
with their good deals
8 of 22What happens when Jonathan is alone with the mannequin?
Jonathan turns into a mannequin
he builds another one for the display
she comes to life
9 of 22Prince & Company's rival department store is called _________.
movie forums
10 of 22What famous historical figure does Emmy mention she's dated?
Abraham Lincoln
John Smith
Christopher Columbus
11 of 22How does Jonathan know one of the Illustra executives?
common sense movie reviews
she is his old boss
she is his ex-girlfriend
she is his old art teacher
12 of 22What is Jonathan's first job at Prince & Company?
go fug yourself
stock boy
assistant manager
visual merchandiser
13 of 22Why are Jonathon's window displays so great?
he gets help from Emmy
he spends hours on them
he has an eye for design
14 of 22Jonathon gets ________ after Claire sees his displays.
15 of 22Who is the president of Illustra?
movie forums
B.J Wert
16 of 22We find out that Richards is actually ___________?
working for Wert
Jonathan's long-lost brother
the president of Prince & Company
17 of 22What does Roxie offer Jonathan?
critical masses
a job at Illustra
to take him back
to give Emmy back
18 of 22Why does Jonathan decline Roxie's offer?
there's the girl with the blog
he is in love with Emmy
he likes working at Prince & Company
he's no longer in love with her
19 of 22What does Illustra do to Emmy?
bitch flicks
they kidnap her
they befriend her
they kill her
20 of 22When Jonathan finds out about Illustra's evil plan, what happens to Emmy?
they give Emmy back to Jonathan
they throw Emmy in an incinerator
they break her with a hammer
21 of 22Hollywood uses a __________ to stop the security guards.
22 of 22Where do Jonathan and Emmy get married?
movie forums
in Jonathan's family home
inside Illustra's warehouse
in Prince & Company's store window
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