Quiz: Can You Answer 22 Questions Every "Goonies" Fan Should Know?


"Hey you guys!"

You'll do the Truffle Shuffle with this quiz about "The Goonies," the classic 1985 film with characters like Sloth, Mikey and Data.

 Dec 25, 2016

1 of 21The area in Oregon that The Goonies live is called _________?

parent society
The Goon Docks

2 of 21Why do The Goonies only have one weekend left together?

their parents are homeschooling them
they are moving to a new town
a country club is foreclosing their homes

3 of 21Mikey's brother's name is __________?


4 of 21What did The Goonies find in the Walshes' attic?

a pirate hat
a baby picture of Mikey
a treasure map

5 of 21Whose treasure do the kids want to find?

One-Legged William
One-Eyed Willy
Jack Sparrow

6 of 21The Fratellis are __________?

the owners of the diner
a criminal family
the next door neighbors

7 of 21What kind of criminals are the Fratellis?

art thieves

8 of 21Where do The Goonies go to hide from The Fratellis?

a tunnel underneath a restaurant
an abandoned trail
a cave by the beach

9 of 21What is the Truffle Shuffle?

A food dish featuring truffles
One-eyed Willy's secret hideaway
a dance where you shake your stomach

10 of 21How does Chunk escape the basement?

the av club
he befriends Sloth
he finds a key under the mat
he calls his friends for help

11 of 21What is One-Eyed Willy's pirate ship called?

The Diablo
The Inferno
The Goon

12 of 21Why do The Goonies decide not touch the treasure by One-Eye Willy?

to pay tribute to him
it will set off a booby trap
it is cursed

13 of 21_________ saves The Goonies before they walk the plank.

the film box
Mary Ellen

14 of 21What happens when the Fratelli's try to loot the boat?

a booby trap triggers
One-Eyed Willy's ghost catches them
the police find them

15 of 21________ asks Sloth to join his family.


16 of 21What do the country club owners want Mr. Walsh to do?

be their business partner
move away
give away his home

17 of 21Who is Rosalita?

the country club owner
the housekeeper
Mikey's mother

18 of 21Rosalita finds _______ in Mikey's wet clothes.

digital spy
the deed to the house
a marble bag full of gems
the treasure map

19 of 21What do the gems pay for?

the country club
the foreclosure
the pirate ship

20 of 21_________ is seen in the ocean at the end of the movie

The Inferno
One-Eyed Willy

21 of 21Who is steering The Inferno?

No one
Mama Fratelli
One-Eyed Willy
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