Quiz: We Bet You Don't Remember These 13 Best Mer/ Der Scenes

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 May 07, 2017
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Question: 1/13Pick your answer!

Where did Derek propose to Meredith?
In an elevator
In the scrub room
In the candle house

Question: 2/13Pick your answer!

What solo surgery did Derek give Mer as a wedding present?
A spleen
A colon
A pancreas

Question: 3/13Pick your answer!

Mer and Derek got married on a ....
Scrub cap
Cafeteria napkin

Question: 4/13Pick your answer!

How did Mer and Der meet Zola?
They went through an agency
She came over in Alex's program to help African kids
She was abandoned at the hospital

Question: 5/13Pick your answer!

How did Mer tell Derek that she was pregnant?
With blue cupcakes for baby Bailey
With a t-shirt for Zola saying "World's best big sister'
Painted on the bottom of his favorite red coffee cup

Question: 6/13Pick your answer!

How did Meredith and Derek meet?
At work on their days
In the cafeteria
At a bar

Question: 7/13Pick your answer!

Where did Meredith and Derek hook up at the Seattle Grace prom?
Mer's car
An on-call room
An exam room

Question: 8/13Pick your answer!

In Season 3, what did Derek save Meredith from?
A shooter
Her father

Question: 9/13Pick your answer!

How did Derek cheer up Mer when she was fighting with Cristina?
He danced it out
He brought home tequila
He drew her a bubble bath

Question: 10/13Pick your answer!

How did Mer prove her commitment to Derek?
She made a candle dream house
She found him a once-in-a-lifetime surgery
She got them a dog named Doc

Question: 11/13Pick your answer!

What's the iconic phrase Mer says to Derek?
Dump Addison.
Pick me. Choose me. Love me.
Run away with me.

Question: 12/13Pick your answer!

When Derek is decaaring his love, he says: "I wants to die ...
...when I'm 110 years old, in your arms."
...lying next to you, in our home."
...after a long happy life, filled with the laughter of our kids."

Question: 13/13Pick your answer!

What romantic moment could Derek describe in detail when Mer couldn't remember it?
Their last kiss
The birth of Ellis
Their wedding day
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