Quiz: How Well Do You Remember Season 4 Of Grey's Anatomy?


Season 4 was an emotional rollercoaster, but can you remember all the storylines that made up this crazy season?

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 Jan 12, 2018
1 of 10Pick your answer:
Meredith goes all in to show Derek she loves him by building a candle outline of...
Derek's dream house
their initials
a love heart
2 of 10Pick your answer:
In a classic crazy Grey's medical case, a teenage boy gets trapped in...
quick sand
3 of 10Pick your answer
Derek and Bailey find out that they were both "band geeks" in high school, but what instruments did they play?
Derek played the drums, Bailey played the flute
Derek played the saxophone, Bailey played the oboe
Derek played the trumpet, Bailey played the cymbals
4 of 10Pick your answer:
One patient believes he has a haunted limb so tried to cut it off with a chainsaw, but which limb was it?
his hand
his foot
his leg
5 of 10Pick your answer:
Bailey and Cristina are forced to help an injured paramedic with what controversial symbol tattooed on his chest?
the KKK logo
the confederate flag
a swastika
6 of 10Pick your answer:
In a surgical contests where the residents are awarded points for their cases, they are competing to win...
the sparkle stethoscope
the sparkle scrub cap
the sparkle pager
7 of 10Pick your answer"
What unusual item did Meredith bring to work with her in a baggie?
Judy doll heads
21 Monopoly pieces
her mom's ashes
8 of 10Pick your answer:
The middle-aged man who joins the intern programme is called...
9 of 10Pick your answer:
The interns have been eating lunch in his room for ages - what's the name of the patient who finally wakes up from his coma?
Really Old Gal
Really Old Guy
10 of 10Pick your answer:
In Season 4, Izzie applies her medical training to another species, but which animal does she save?
a deer
a dog
a horse
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