Quiz: How Well Do You Remember Season 3 Of Grey's Anatomy?

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Season 3 anyone?

If you love Grey's Anatomy, come test your knowledge all about season 3 trivia. How big of a fan are you really?

 Feb 03, 2017

1 of 15Pick your answer:

Who wins the position of Chief Resident?
Miranda Bailey
Callie Torres
Derek Shepherd

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Bailey finds a pair of panties pinned on the bulletin board, but whose are they?

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Whilst grieving Denny's death, which baked good does Izzy start baking nonstop?

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One episode starts with one of our doctors dreaming about a threesome, but whose steamy fantasy is it?

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This season, Meredith's stepmother (Susan Grey) dies, but what is her cause of death?
The hiccups
Heart attack

6 of 15Pick your answer:

Which of the interns fails their intern exam?

7 of 15Pick your answer:

How much money does Denny leave Izzie?
$8.7 million
$12 million
$2.5 million

8 of 15Pick an answer:

What emergency surgery does Meredith need?
A tonsillectomy
An appendectomy
A C-section

9 of 15Pick an answer:

Whose wedding falls apart on the day of the ceremony?
Burke and Cristina's
Derek and Addison's
George and Callie's

10 of 15Pick an answer:

In a classic crazy medical case, a teenager is brought into the ER with ____ going through his chest
a street lamp
a fence post
a tree

11 of 15Pick an answer:

Who performs heart surgery on George's father?

12 of 15Pick an answer:

Derek invites Burke to go on a ____ trip.

13 of 15Pick an answer:

Who erases Bailey's name off the surgery board?

14 of 15Pick an answer:

Where does Burke have a tremor?
His leg
His hand
His eye

15 of 15Pick an answer:

Why does Callie break things off with George?
He stands her up for Izzie
She's in love with Derek
She's leaving Seattle
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