Quiz: How Well Do You Know Shonda's Torturous Tendencies?


The devil herself is in the building! Shonda Rhimes lives to crush your dreams and ruin you life, but can you remember all of her cruelest ploys?

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 Feb 12, 2016
1 of 10Pick your answer:
In one decade, Meredith has experienced: a bomb explosion, a shooting, a near drowning, a plane crash, the death of loved ones and... ?
a miscarriage
a natural disaster
2 of 10Pick your answer:
What happened when Shonda brought Izzie's daughter into Seattle Grace?
She was called Izzie too
She didn't want to meet her birth mother (Izzie)
She yelled at Izzie for giving her up for adoption
3 of 10Pick your answer:
Amelia Shepherd is a neurosurgeon. Shonda decided that her baby would be born with what defect?
It was born with only one arm
It was born without a brain
It was born with its heart outside its body
4 of 10Pick your answer:
The title of the episode in which Derek Shepherd died was... ?
'Perfect Storm'
'Death and All His Friends'
'How to Save a Life'
5 of 10Pick your answer:
Who said this: "It's so stupid. She's written this incredible story with these amazing characters, abd then she just blows it"?
A TV critic
Lexie in an episode of Grey's
A disgruntled fan
6 of 10Pick your answer:
Shonda had Mary Portman survive the shooting. She was brought back in Season 7 to...?
have a baby.
invite Bailey to her wedding.
slip into a coma and never wake up.
7 of 10Pick your answer:
Addison is an amazing OB/GYN. Shonda developed her character by...
having her pioneer a lifesaving fetal surgery technique.
having her end up happily married.
making her infertile.
8 of 10Pick your answer:
Callie is an orthopedic surgeon. Shonda has her...
amputate her wife's leg.
break her leg.
be forced to wear ugly orthopedic shoes
9 of 10Pick your answer:
Shonda created a new love interest for Callie, who introduces her to the gang at Meredith's dinner party. Who was she?
Penny Blake - the doctor whose mistake killed McDreamy
Penny Blake - a new intern at Grey Sloan Memorial
Penny Blake - Meredith's secret half sister
10 of 10Pick your answer:
Derek Shepherd was fondly referred to as "The Neuro God". He died of....
internal bleeding from a crush injury.
a heart attack.
a traumatic brain injury.
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