Quiz: Can You Name The Grey's Tragedy By A Single Screenshot?

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There's only 525600+ traumatic moments to chose from!

can you name all of these tragically sad grey's anatomy moments? shonda really hits us hard sometimes, do you remember every time she made us cry?

 Nov 06, 2017
1 of 10What's happening here?
Lexie is dying because of the AMBULANCE crash
Lexie is dying because of the BUS crash
Lexie is dying because of the PLANE crash
2 of 10What's happening here?
They just met Mer's baby, Ellis
Samuel has just been born
They are practicing how to hold a baby
3 of 10What's happening here?
Callie is looking at a fake doll
Callie was in a car crash
Arizona killed Callie because she cheated
4 of 10What's happening here?
Mer was just attacked by a crazy patient
The bomb just exploded
Mer tripped over the O.R table
5 of 10What's happening here?
Ellis just died
They are at George's funeral
Derek just tripped
6 of 10What's happening here?
Bailey's kid patient with cancer just died
Charles has just been shot
Bailey has been accused of infecting her patients
7 of 10What's happening here?
Cristina had her ectopic pregnancy
Cristina is cold
Cristina misses Burke and wishes he would come back to Grey Sloan Memorial
8 of 10What's happening here?
Meredith is asking Derek to marry her
Meredith is saying goodbye to Derek
Meredith's ghost is talking to Derek after the plane crash
9 of 10What's happening here?
Denny died
Izzie confessed she loved Denny, but he turned her down
Izzie ruined Meredith's wedding
10 of 10What's happening here?
Derek is carrying Meredith out of the bus crash in the rain
Derek just saved Meredith from drowning
Meredith hallucinating during the shooting episode
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