Quiz: Can You Match The Grey's Plot Line to the Finale?


It's common knowledge that Grey's Anatomy knows how to do a season finale, but can you pair these finales to their supporting plot lines, or will you get your wires crossed?

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 Jan 30, 2017
1 of 10Pick your answer:
In season 2, Izzie and the interns cut Denny Duquette's LVAD wire - but what happens in the season finale?
Denny and Izzie get married
Denny Duquette dies
Denny moves to the top of the heart transplant list
2 of 10Pick your answer:
It's Season 5 and Owen Hunt arrives at Seattle Grace, but what does this trigger in the season finale?
George decides to enlist in the military
Cristina and Owen start dating
Teddy and Owen break up
3 of 10Pick your answer:
In Season 8 Alex decides he's going to move to Johns Hopkins, but what happens in the season finale?
Arizona takes his place in the infamous plane crash
Alex moves in with Jo
Alex starts working with Dr Butthole
4 of 10Pick your answer
In Season 3, Burke and Cristina get engaged. What happens in the season finale?
Burke gets shot
Burke and Cristina's wedding falls through
Cristina can't write her wedding vows
5 of 10Pick your answer:
The season 6 finale is the hospital shooting, but what plot line led to this crazy episode?
The alleged wrongful death of a cancer patient
An intern fails their exams
A hospital employee is fired
6 of 10Pick your answer:
In the Season 10 finale, Cristina tells Meredith, "He's very dreamy but he's not the sun. You are", but what plot line led us here?
Derek and Meredith start trying for a baby
Derek starts a brain mapping trial with Callie
Derek and Meredith adopt Zola
7 of 10Pick your answer:
In season 6, the season finale reveals that Meredith tampered with the Alzheimers clinical trial, but why did she do it?
She wanted to make sure Adele Weber got the drug, not the placebo
She was annoyed that she wasn't getting credit for her part in the trial
She wanted to make sure her mom got the drug, not the placebo
8 of 10Pick your answer:
In the season 9 finale, Callie finds out that Arizona cheated on her. What plot line led this to happen?
Arizona thinks Callie has been unfaithful
Callie amputated Arizona's leg
One of Arizona's exes starts working at the hospital
9 of 10Pick your answer:
In the season 5 finale, Izzie is taken in for surgery on her brain tumor, but what plot line was the clue to her cancer?
She hallucinates her mom
She hallucinates Denny Duquette
She hallucinates her daughter, Hannah
10 of 10Pick your answer:
In the season 12 finale, Ben has to do an emergency C-section on Kepner. This is significant because of what plot line?
He had fallen out with Kepner and they weren't speaking
He had performed an emergency C-section where the baby and mother died
He had made a mistake as an anesthesiologist and had been suspended
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