11 Times Twitter Knew What It's Like To Be A Grey's Anatomy Addict


These Twitter accounts have nailed what it means to be a #GreysAddict - thank goodness we're not alone with all the feels!

1) When you try to distill the essence of Grey's Anatomy

2) When you try to stay up with the latest trends

3) When you try to be productive but your Grey's addiction has other ideas

4) When you're deep in a Grey's hole but are trying to play it cool

5) When you're ready to begin your career as a surgeon

6) When you let yourself entertain a fantasy, just for a second

7) Just sayin', there is no show sadder than Grey's

8) When you've convinced your friend to start watching

9) When Shonda starts making moves on your fave

10) When the producers are trying to tease you with the episode titles

11) When your friends try to make you quit your addiction

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