The Definitive Ranking of The Specialties of Grey's Anatomy

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Ortho or Cardio? Neuro or Peds? What's your fave?

1. Urology

Tbh, we know minimal things about this speciality other than the fact that Catherine Avery is the Queen. Also, it often involves penises. Considering we're not the big of a fan of Catherine right now, and none of our faves are urologists, this one's coming bottom of the heap.

2. Colorectal

Sure, it might pay a boatload of money, but it will also earn you the nickname Dr. Butthole, so we'll pass. There's a reason Alex ditched it!

3. Dermatology

Admittedly not a surgical specialty, but there's a reason why Cristina and the gang spent an entire episode soaking in the wonder of derm. (Fruit infused water and on hand masseuses? Yes please!)

4. Obstetrics & Gynecology

The miracle of life sure is something to behold, and we love Addison, but those pink scrubs mark you out as an outsider. Plus, moms are probably all kinds of crazy with those hormones running wild!

5. Fetal

OK, this is a crazy niche specialty, but it's also crazy difficult. Our girl Arizona is one of the few surgeons in the world to be trained in this specialty, so we have to show her some appreciation, but it can't come above the classic surgeries that made us fall in love with the show!

6. Orthopedics

Sorry Callie! We know you got annoyed when people hated on ortho, but they do kind of have a point that most of the time. Ortho can be kinda boring. We live for the times when it helps people relearn to walk, and we know it can be totally life changing. But it's also a lot of broken arms, which is just way less cool.

7. Plastics

Firstly, is there some unwritten rule that all plastics surgeons have to be super hot? Because we're digging it, and it definitely pushed this speciality up the list! Like ortho, the day to day of plastics can be a little dull (hello liposuction). But the importance of reconstructive surgery wasn't lost on us either, so it takes its place in the middle of this ranking.

8. General

General surgeons catch a bit of flack for being "jack of all trades, master of none", but we think it takes some serious skill to be proficient in nearly every area of the body. Plus our homies Webber, Bailey and Mer are all general surgeon bosses, and we love 'em. Your run of the mill appi might not be enthralling, but it's still more than we can do!

9. Cardio

Cardiac surgeons are the top of the class, but have the ego to match, so we thought we'd bring them down a peg with a position of respectable fourth place. This isn't to say that the work they do isn't amazing, because the heart is what keeps us all going, but being number one all the time doesn't give anyone else a chance!

10. Neuro

Specialty of the Shepherd dynamic duo! We are forever impressed by the skills of a neurosurgeon - one wrong move and it's game over. The brain is a pretty mysterious and unstable foe, so we applaud anyone with the guts to take it on.

11. Trauma

The height of stress comes with being a trauma surgeon, and they normally have to step up to the plate when everything goes to crap. There are multiple injuries, there are limited supplies, they're outside in a super storm, in a war zone, or drilling bore holes with a hand drill - we don't know how they do it!

1) Pediatrics

Perhaps the only speciality more stressful than trauma is peds - taking on the tiny humans and the makers of the tiny humans. It requires the skill of every other speciality, but in miniature, and you need the bedside manner of a champion to calm the nerves of a four year old and their equally anxious parents. Plus, there always seems to be a little more pressure when you hold the life of a kid in your hands. That, and we have a serious crush on Karev, but that's an added extra!

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