The Definitive Ranking of the Seasons of Grey's

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Because all seasons are not created equal.

With the 12th year anniversary of the show this month, it seemed natural to take a look back over the seasons past and remember their most memorable moments. Take a look at our ranking and see if your favorite season made the top 3!

13) Season 13

Aired in September 2016 This season is currently still airing, so we're not sure what tragedies could befall our fave doctors in the upcoming episodes, but we're still bitter over that lackluster mid-season premiere, so season 13 is tentatively down here for now.

Memorable Moments: - Karev nearly ends up in jail for assault - Minnick arrives to shake up the intern training program - Amelia and Owen break up because they can't agree on having kids

12) Season 4

Aired September 2007 (17 episodes) This season was all about the romantic relationships, and a new crop of interns arrived at Seattle Grace, but the writer's strike meant that this season got cut short.

Memorable Moments: - Lexie arrives as a new intern - Callie and Erica Hahn start dating, and Callie realizes that she's bisexual - Derek dates Rose but get back with Meredith after their clinical trial has a its first success. Meredith builds the candle dream house.

11) Season 11

Aired September 2014 (24 episodes) Meredith and Derek find it hard to balance their relationship with the demands of Derek's work, and relationship drama heats up as Callie and Arizona's romance cools off.

Memorable Moments: - Jackson and April's baby dies after birth and April leaves to train as a trauma surgeon - Callie and Arizona break up - Derek goes to DC to work for POTUS, but dies in a fatal car crash

10) Season 12

Aired September 2015 (24 episodes) This season was marred by sexual politics, with Bailey struggling to balance her marriage with her role as a woman leading the hospital, Maggie navigates a relationship with a younger man and Amelia battles her own demons.

Memorable Moments: - Meredith is brutally attacked by a patient, but her recovery process leads to the growing friendship between her and Alex, as he becomes "her person" - Callie starts dating Penny and follows her to New York after a draining court battle over custody of Sofia. - Alex attacks DeLuca

9) Season 7

Aired September 2010 (22 episodes) The doctors are trying to heal after the tragedy of the Season 6 gun rampage, but relationships continue to face trying times.

Memorable Moments: - Arizona goes to Africa and breaks up with Callie - Callie gets pregnant with Mark's baby - Derek finds out that Meredith tampered with their Alzheimers trial and moves out on the same day that Meredith is given custody of Zola

8) Season 10

Aired September 2013 (24 episodes) This season had all the drama following the super storm, and even the bonds between our usually unbreakable doctors were shaken

Memorable Moments: - Shane is wracked with guilt over Heather Brook's death, and has a breakdown whilst operating on Alex's dad. - Meredith and Cristina are fighting, and after failing to win the Harper Avery, Cristina takes a job in Switzerland (taking over Burke's job) - Bailey suffers from OCD following the deaths of some of her patients

7) Season 9

Aired September 2012 (24 episodes) This season dealt with the aftermath of the plane crash, which critically injured many of our favorite doctors.

Memorable Moments: - Mark and Lexie die and the hospital is renamed Grey Sloan Memorial in their honor - The doctors save the hospital from bankruptcy by buying it with help from the Harper Avery Foundation - Webber is electrocuted in a super storm

6) Season 3

Aired September 2006 (25 episodes) Mark Sloan arrives at Seattle Grace and the doctors face their own personal demons

Memorable Moments: - George's dad dies and he marries Callie in Vegas - Meredith drowns after going to help at a ferry boat crash - Burke leaves Cristina at the altar

5) Season 8

Aired September 2011 (24 episodes) Meredith and Derek deal with the fallout of the Alzheimer's trial tampering and Cristina wrestles with a difficult choice that threatens her marriage.

Memorable Moments: - April becomes Chief Resident but struggles to assert her authority - Cristina has an abortion - A plane carrying Meredith, Derek, Arizona, Lexie and Mark crashes, leaving the surgeons critically injured physically and mentally.

4) Season 1

Aired March 2005 (9 episodes) Where it all started, this season introduced us to the complex relationships of our favorite surgeons as they struggle to find their footing as new interns.

Memorable Moments: - Meredith finds out that her new boss is also her one night stand - Cristina starts dating Burke, but miscarries her baby - Addison arrives in Seattle, and Mer finds out that Derek is married

3) Season 5

Aired September 2008 (24 episodes) Perhaps the most memorable season for having us on the edge of our seats in the season finale, and giving us all the feels as two doctor's lives hung in the balance.

Memorable Moments: - Izzie gets brain surgery in an attempt to cure her cancer - Derek and Meredith get engaged and Alex and Izzie co-opt their wedding - George signs up to become a trauma surgeon in the army

2) Season 6

Aired September 2008 (24 episodes) This season had all the classic components of Grey's: tragedy, drama and heart ache. We're emotionally exhausted just thinking about it!

Memorable Moments: - George dies and Izzie leaves Alex - A merger brings the surgeons from Mercy West to Seattle Grace - A shooter goes on a rampage around the hospital

1) Season 2

Aired September 2005 (27 episodes) This was the season which garnered Grey's a Golden Globe for Best Tv Drama, and Sandra Oh won a Golden Globe and a SAG award for her portrayal of Cristina Yang, so it's only fitting that this award winning season took the top spot of our ranking!

Memorable Moments: - The love triangle between Meredith, Derek and Addison intensifies - Bailey has her baby (with the help of George) - Izzie cuts Denny's LVAD wire (and Chasing Cars was ruined for us forever)

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