The 10 Best Grey's Anatomy Episodes of All Time

13 amazing seasons, but only 10 make the cut!

Grey's Anatomy is now in its 13th season, so there's literally hundreds of episodes to chose from, so we've compiled a list of the Grey's Anatomy best episodes. But what does it take to become make it into the top 10 Grey's Anatomy episodes of all time you may ask? We asked our facebook community, here's what they came up with. Without further adieu:

Grey's Anatomy Best Episodes of All Time

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1. Season 2, Episode 27


"Losing My Religion"

When you think about the pain that comes with watching Grey's, you think of this episode, and it's likely the reason we'll never be able to listen to "Chasing Cars" without bursting into tears. The devastating end to Izzie and Denny's budding relationship is still one of the most heartbreaking things we've ever seen on TV, and we're definitely still not over it.

2. Season 2, Episodes 15/16

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

"It's The End of the World"/"As We Know It"

Earning Shonda an Emmy nomination for writing, this two-parter was a no brainer for our top 10. George was coaching Bailey through labor (she also used the word vajayjay for the first time), there was a bomb in the hospital, and we saw the most romantic moment when Mer asked Derek about their last kiss. Filled with romance, comedy, and tragedy, this was everything a good Grey's episode should be.

3. Season 5, Episode 24

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"Now or Never"

It's no shocker that season finales are acing this list - Shonda goes no holds barred whenever the end of the season rolls around. This episode was literally the biggest emotional rollercoaster - the Post-It wedding, George identifying himself by drawing 007 on Mer's palm, Izzie flatlining in Alex's arms and then the elevator ending which pushed us over the edge. We're pretty sure we were moments away from cardiac arrest ourselves in that humdinger of an episode.

4. Season 6, Episodes 23/24

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"Sanctuary"/"Death and All His Friends"

This two-part finale was a nail-biter from moment one, thanks to sharp writing, solid directing, and spot-on acting. We were literally on the edge of our seats the entire time, with our hearts were racing and our eyes watering as our fave surgeons' lives hung in the balance. That and seeing Bailey break down when the elevators stop working. We'll never be the same.

5. Season 3, Episodes 15/16/17

"Walk On Water," "Drowning on Dry Land," "Some Kind of Miracle"

Another multi-parter (so yeah we included more than ten best episodes, sue us). This one kept us on edge with the drama of a huge trauma event, the fear that Mer might actually die, and the drama that came from watching Mer actually work through some of her emotions. AMAZING.

6. Season 8, Episode 24


Ok, so this is an episode that literally turned everything we knew about life upside down, with what seemed like the whole world coming to an end. Did we like what happened? Absolutely not. Could we tear our eyes away from our screens? Still no. Plus we're still not over Mark's goodbye to Lexie which was about as traumatic as anything else the show has ever produced.

7. Season 9, Episode 2

"Remember the Time"

Waiting over season break for the episode that gave us the follow-up to the crash was excruciating, and this did not disappoint. It was an absolute heartbreaker to watch, but honestly, it could make the list for the Cristina bath scene alone. Someone get that girl an Emmy!

8. Season 7, Episode 18

"Song Beneath the Song"

Yeah yeah not everyone liked the musical episode, but it was still an epic moment in Grey's history. The storyline itself was a classic Shonda stress overload, as both Callie and her unborn baby's lives hung in the balance, but we also got to the bear witness to the unbelievable musical talent of the Grey's cast. They included the most heartwrenching tracks in the Grey's soundtrack repertoire, and we still listen to them on repeat - no shame.

9. Season 2, Episode 6

"Into You Like a Train"

This is a stand out episode in Grey's history in that the story wasn't centered around one of our main surgeons, and yet we were still just as invested in what happened to these two patients. When we think back over the surgical cases that have left their mark on us from across the seasons, this case always comes up if only because we're still tearing our hair out and yelling "BUT IT'S NOT FAIR!".

10. Season 11, Episode 21

"How to Save a Life"

THERE IT IS. Obviously, this isn't in this list because we loved what happened in the episode - in fact, it's not something we're sure we'll ever get over - but it's included because it did what every great Grey's episode does. It took us by surprise, held us on edge, and then threw us under the proverbial truck. Add in a heavy dose of nostalgia as we reminisced over all of MerDer's best bits, and this one goes down in Grey's history, for better or for worse.

Did your faves make the list? Sound off in the comments with your favorite Grey's episodes!

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