Minnick. Is. The. Actual. Worst. 10 Reasons We All Hate Her


The Devil Incarnate has arrived at Grey Sloan Memorial and we are not OK with it. Here's all the reasons why this Eliza chic has got to go!

And if the spoilers are true someone is going to take her down in tomorrow night's episode! Find out who here.

Here are the 10 reasons we must make this happen.

1) She's causing change

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Change always comes from sad things happening. Denny Duquette memorial clinic? Oh yeah Denny had to die. Grey Sloan Memorial? Yep there went Sloan and Lexie! If the Grim Reaper is the symbol of death, Eliza Minnick is the symbol of change and bad-things-a-coming. We don't like it, and we don't like her.

2) She's going after Arizona


Nut-uh girlfran. She's literally been here all of five minutes, but already Minnick has made her move on our girl Arizona. We're still trying to get our heads around the fact that Callie actually left, so can we please have like 3 seconds to deal with that before we have to handle having a new woman on the scene? She's like an annoying little mosquito buzzing around places she's not wanted.

3) She tries to flirt like McSteamy


She's going for this "you-love-me-you-just-don't-know-it-yet' thing that was pretty much invented by Mark, and when he did it we just couldn't get enough, but with with Minnick it just seems... wrong.

4) She's pushing out Webber


Webber is like a father to the people at this hospital, raising them from idiot interns to talented residents and attending, and yet, here comes Minnick strutting in like she owns the dang place, and messes everything up. These doctors are basically children and they need their dad. Go away.

5) She's breaking up a marriage!


With Katherine Avery as Minnick's number one cheerleader, it's gotta be a tad awkward in that bedroom. Katherine did orchestrate this whole debacle, so she might not be too cut up about it, but we're sure Weber's gonna be more than a little crushed when he finds out that his wife is the one who's pushing for his ouster.

6) She's creating a rift between Bailey and the rest of the doctors


If Webber is pretty much everyone's dad, then Bailey is everyone's mom, and these doctors need their mom. But for whatever god-for-saken reason Bailey is looking past her ducklings best-interest and siding with the she-devil. While we understand that as Chief, she's between a rock and a hard place deciding between doing right by the board or by her colleagues, but he answer should always be by the colleagues who depend on her, and especially Webber! He was her mentor - without him she wouldn't be the doctor she is today. Show some respect Bailey!

7) She's about to make things hella awkward between Katherine and Jackson


With Jackson firmly on Team Webber, things about about to get real hairy between him and his mom Katherine. Katherine is a #girlboss, not typically known for her ability to back down, but she's also fiercely protective of her son, and Jackson is a bit of a momma's boy, so how is this all gonna play out when Dr Minnick's placed herself firmly in the middle? Stay out of other people's family business Minnick.

8) She's placed a divide between the residents and the attendings


We all noticed the way Edwards looked at Minnick when Meredith told her she couldn't come in her OR, and it doesn't seem far fetched that the residents (who, as always, are chomping at the bit for hands on experience in the OR) might be incentivized to turn to Team Minnick. This is a particular point of concern given the knowledge that this is Stephanie's last season on Grey's - could this be the reason she leaves the show?

9) She writes in lower case on the OR board


Writing in lower case is passive aggressive. The board is always written in caps, everyone knows that, so why is Minnick swooping in here trying to change everything? Because she just has to do things her own way. UGH. If only stealing the board pen were a long term solution...

10) Change.. Again.


Did we mention that we hate change? We did, but this really needs to be reiterated. Dr. Minnick's arrival at Grey Sloan Memorial is only caused a whole host of problems, pushing out beloved surgeons, bringing divides between colleagues and families, and generally being a pain in our ass. Not only is she the bringer of all things bad and sad in the world, she's also a huge bitch. She's rude, she's cocky, she's narcissistic, and she thinks she's all that and a bag of chips. Well miss thang you can take those chips and find some place else! This chick has got to go, personally I'm happy to hold the door.

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