Grey's Anatomy: Every Song From Season 13 That You Can't Stop Listening To

Are your faves included?

When it comes to TV show soundtracks, Grey's Anatomy has pretty much nailed it for the last 13 seasons. For over a decade, Shonda Rhimes' drama has never failed to give us a completely heart-wrenching song to go along with every tragic moment, and Season 13 was no different. Here are all of our faves from the last season, nicely collected for your listening pleasure - enjoy!

1. Bring It Back to Me - Martin Luke Brown

Episode 1

This song played in an absolutely soul-crushing moment. As Grey's fans, we've all watched Alex grow from a callous bully to a compassionate and gifted pediatric surgeon who's happened to get his heart broken a few times along the way. In this moment, it felt like all his progress was being undone by one stupid action.

2. West - Sleeping At Last

Episode 4

This song plays whilst Mer tells Nathan that she needs to stop thinking about him, but Alex also finds joy in uncovering a one-in-a-million case, despite his impending trial.

3. The Mind is an Endless Sea - The Wind and The Wave

Episode 5

This song has all the chilled vibes you want for a Sunday morning, if you can get over the fact it played as a character is pronounced brain dead... Tragic moment, but a beautiful song nonetheless.

4. Summer - Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Episode 6

From now on, we will always think of "Waffle Sundays" whenever we hear this song - it gives us the warm and fuzzies over Alex and Mer's blossoming friendship.

5. All of Your Glory - Broods

Episode 8

This song played in an epic episode which essentially took place in one OR, and was one of those Grey's moments that made us ball whilst teaching us all the life lessons. In this instance, it was how you can keep going when you're so exhausted that all you want is your bed. The answer is you make up someone in your head, someone good.

6. You Wouldn't Like Me - Tegan and Sara

Episode 9

What is Grey's Anatomy without some Tegan and Sara? This song played as a building collapses on the final day before Alex's trial, but it gave us all the nostalgia for season's past!

7. Smoke Without Fire - David Gray

Episode 11

This song played when Mer found Alex asleep in her bed, and we all let out a collective sigh of relief that our fave surgeon hadn't ended up in prison. This song is an instant classic for that reason alone.

8. Found My Vibe - Sarah Bollinger

Episode 14

Though it played in a slightly more stressful moment, as April tried to get hear bearings as Chief of General Surgery following Meredith's suspension, we love how upbeat and positive this song is!

9. Way Down We Go - Kaleo

Episode 15

This song is filled with all the drama, even in this stripped back version, so it's perfectly fitting for the Grey's episode when Owen and Amelia spoke to each other for the first time in forever.

10. Yes I Do - Ben l'Oncle Soul

Episode 17

Had to include some jazz vibes in this list, and this song's a goody! It played as Maggie asked Amelia and Mer for advice on her mom's 'boob job'.

11. Closer - Kyle Neal

Episode 18

Classic Grey's move, with a cover of a song playing during one of the epic storyline moments. This song as Maggie embraces her father, and the grieving over her mother's death begins.

12. Effortless - Sabina Ddumba

Episode 19

This song is "effortless"-ly cool, but also plays as Maggie proved she had what it took to complete her surgery, despite still grieving the loss of her mother. Badass move.

13. I Know - Chris Batson

Episode 20

Everyone loves a good hookup, and this song played as Meredith and Riggs joined the mile high club in that plane episode! Steamy!

14. Last to Know - Electric Owls

Episode 23

This song is on our playlist for when we want to walk down the street and feel like a badass. It played during Alex's visualization of his interactions with Jo's husband, and was low key stressful when we thought Paul was actually strangling Jo when Alex got home. However, if you can get past that part, this song is still totally epic.

15. Dancing on My Own - Calum Scott

Episode 24

This song has been on our karaoke list for a while now, so we're glad to see it getting some more recognition. Coming at the end of the season finale, we low key balled as Stephanie confessed that she wanted to live a life outside of a hospital, and Owen saw Megan for the first time. tears

So many amazing songs to choose from, from covers and upbeat tunes to the heart-wrenching songs that have us tearing up every time! The person who chose the soundtrack for each episode deserves some serious praise!

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