10 Reasons Why We Miss Dr. Callie Torres


The Season 12 finale was Callie's last episode on Grey's (after 10 years!), but to be honest, we're still not over it. Come reminisce about all of her best bits with us!

1) She grew cartilage and built bones from scratch.


That's badass no matter what way you look at it. Some people look at ortho as the boring speciality, or the one that breaks people rather than putting them back together, but Callie was forever creating new and innovative techniques that changed medicine (whilst still letting people work out their anger by breaking things...).

2) She showed us the joy of in dancing in your underwear.


Honestly there's nothing purer than the carefree wonder of a dance party around your house (or the hospital basement, we're not judgey) in your underwear. Nothing says DGAF like a no pants party.

3) She reminded us to be open.


Callie is the walking embodiment of eternal hope. She hasn't had the easiest of times when it comes to love (think failed marriage to O'Malley, Erica Hahn leaving, and then all the Arizona heartache), but it has never made her bitter or cold, and she's always managed to find the courage to open her heart up again.

4) She was an amazing singer!


Sure the musical episode wasn't everyone's cup of tea, but there's no denying that Calliope's got pipes. We bet she's the only person we wouldn't mind hearing sing in the shower in the morning - it's be like your private audience with a broadway star.

5) Her strength was inspiring.


Even when faced with a family who didn't understand her, Callie was never willing to change who she was to meet with other's approval, and that deserves mad props.

6) She taught us how to value our own talent.


When Webber passed her over for a position (which went to an old guy whose service she was essentially running), she wasn't afraid to call him out, and told Richard just how valuable she was to the team at Seattle Grace. It's a daunting notion, to speak against your boss, but if they aren't giving you credit where credit's due, something's gotta give.

7) She gave us hilarious euphemisms.


Honestly, we'll never get over the day Callie helped Bailey get ready for her third date with Ben by giving her a talk about "prepping her surgical field", and gave her the number of a Ukrainian woman who worked at the manicure place across the street.

8) She knew when to call a relative out on their issues.


Most notably, when she shouted at the fatphobic boyfriend of a patient for pushing his girlfriend to risk her life in order to be skinnier. She was not about that kind of "love".

9) She was a proud hispanic, bisexual, female surgeon.


She reminded us all that the "B" is there for a reason, and that it's not just a phase. We don't often get to see bi characters on TV shows, and it was great to see Callie as a person so confident in her own identity, and unafraid to own every part of it.

10) She gave us Calzona.


Yeah their couple name sounds kind of like a folded pizza (calzone anyone?), but the hey day of Callie and Arizona's relationship was true couple goals. They showed us that how a non-nuclear family could be just as loving as its conventional counterpart (the whole Mark-Callie-Arizona triangle made for a novel parental unit for Sofia), and we're still holding out for a reunion... or a time travel machine. Either will do.

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