5 Grey's Characters Shonda Absolutely Needs To Bring Back


We miss them all so much, it's unreal!

1) Derek Shepherd


We could write a whole post just on reason's why we need Derek back on our screen (and we did), but to summarize - we miss Derek, we miss his McDreamy hair, we miss his perseverance for "lost cause" cases, and we miss his amazing family bond that was about to get even stronger with their third child. It's just not the same without him

2) Addison Montgomery


Addison and Meredith became friends after they got over the whole "slutty mistress" thing, and she was seriously close with the other doctors at the hospital. We really think that she should have come back after Derek died - she didn't even attend his funeral?? Derek's death was the perfect opportunity to bring back Addison and we seriously think Shonda missed a trick there!

3) Mark & Lexie


OK so this is technically two people, but these two come as a package deal. It seems so unfair that Mark and Lexie were finally getting to start their lives together before they were cruelly taken away from us, and we still fantasize about the cute little family they could have had together.

4) Callie Torres


Fine, we'll accept that Callie and Arizona aren't gonna be a thing anymore, but we seriously hate that Callie and Sofia are all the way on the other side of the country. Plus we loved having an openly bi Hispanic badass ortho doctor around the halls of Grey Sloan Memorial, proving that there is no "template" for a doctor.

5) Cristina Yang


Obviously, Cristina would be on this list. Every time we look up Grey's spoilers we hold our breath and cross our fingers that there'll be some kind of hint that Cristina is coming back to us because we miss the Twisted Sisters, we miss her sass and we miss her drive to be the absolute best surgeon possible. We don't see why Switzerland should get to have Yang when we can't!''

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