13 Reasons Why... Grey's Anatomy Is The Best Show On Netflix

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Who needs new shows when the classics are so good?

'Aint nothing better than a good old Netflix binge, and Grey's is always there to be your trusty companion! Here are 13 reasons why Grey's Anatomy is the best show on Netflix!!

1. There are 12 seasons worth of episodes on Netflix.


Everyone knows there's nothing worse than finding a good show to binge and then finding out that it only has 2 seasons, and you've finished the whole thing in a weekend. Never fear binge-watchers! To get through all the episodes available, you'll have to dedicate some serious time AND there's the added bonus that the show is still running, so you know there'll be new episodes coming soon!

2. It's got ALL the genres down. Feeling a scary movie?


Everyone knows that Netflix is pretty limited when it comes to actually good scary movies, so you might as well give up now and go watch Grey's because the tension in some of those episodes is enough to have you on the edge of your seat and screaming at your screen. Cue adrenalin dump.

3. How about romance?


So you're in the mood for a rom-com? Never fear, Grey's has got that down pat. Most of the characters spend more time in an on-call room than they do in surgery, and Grey Sloan Memorial is notorious for its inter-staff relationships. All the hilarity of bad hookups (Izzie and George) and mushy feelings from true love (hello post-it marriage) are at your fingertips.

4. It's perfect for when you want a good cry.


Sometimes, all you really want is a show to put on to watch whilst you drown your sorrows in a pint of ice cream. You need something that can reliably bring the waterworks, but there's only so many times you can watch The Notebook or A Walk To Remember. Enter Grey's Anatomy, guaranteed to have you ugly crying in no time. Shonda doesn't care about your delicate emotions.

5. It's got the best kind of friendships.


Meredith and Cristina are forever our friendship goals, but from the OG interns to the blossoming friendships between Alex and Mer, Grey's has all you need to give you the warm and fuzzies. Through the good times and the 'dark and twisty' times, the Grey's Anatomy gang are there for each other.

6. It could convince you to start a new career.


Everyone knows that if you watch enough Grey's, you're pretty much qualified to be a surgeon. We can tell you all about edema, compartment syndrome, and pulmonary hypertension! Though we'd probably also say that the cure for anything is to push one of epi!

7. The eye candy is fantastic!


McDreamy and McSteamy are a given, but throw in Avery, Deluca, Karev, Owen, and even George in his puppy dog way! There are a whole host of hunky docs! It's almost as if being a certified hottie is a prerequisite for working there!

8. The music is awesome.

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

First of all, each episode is named after a song that ties to the theme of that week's storyline, which is just really cool, but Shonda has also nailed pairing epic songs with epic plot moments. Grey's Anatomy is even recognized for giving songs mainstream popularity. Take Chasing Cars - after it was used in Denny's death scene, it moved into the charts and stayed there for essentially the whole of 2006 and 2007. Coincidence? Not at all: when Izzie finally says goodbye, Snow Patrol's simple ballad soared in the background and, subsequently, onto the iPod of every living human.

9. It'll make your life struggles seem pretty manageble.

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Unless you've also seen your mother die, suffered a miscarriage, held a live bomb and lived through a shooting, a patient attack and a plane crash. In that case, you seriously need to look into getting your own show. Or moving.

10. There's a boatload of good life advice!


You might even say, a FERRYboat load! But seriously, each episode is jam packed with solid words of wisdom covering almost every topic. With 12 seasons to choose from on Netflix, you should be able to cover almost any dilemma.

11. It tackles the important issues!


Family versus career, religion, sexuality, mental health and more - Grey's is notorious for confronting some of today's most difficult topics and giving them the air time they deserve.

12. The cast is diverse!


Grey's is one of the few shows in which the character descriptions during casting didn't reference physical descriptions, so the actor or actress best suited to the character (regardless of appearance) could be cast. In fact, the only character with a physical description during casting was Bailey, who was described as 'a tiny blonde with curls', but the part was rewritten for Chandra Wilson after she gave an amazing audition.

13. It's all of these things and more!

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

For a show to make it to 13 seasons and counting, it has to be good (even Friends only has 10 seasons, and that's a cult classic). By definition, Grey's has to be pretty incredible to keep getting renewed, and it's won all sorts of awards for being just that awesome.

So what are you waiting for? Next time you find yourself scrolling listlessly through Netflix's suggestions, remember that old faithful will always be by your side!

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