10 Times Grey's Anatomy Made You Scream WHY SHONDA WHY


We're still not over these, someone pass the tissues.

spoiler alert don't read on if you haven't seen the episode from 03/30!

1. When Samuel died in April and Jackson's arms


We straight balled when Jackson and April had to mourn the loss of their child before he even had a chance to live. Despite all the drama surrounding their kid, we knew that whatever their differences in beliefs, the love they had for Samuel was enough to surmount it all. Shonda just had to go and bulldoze straight through our hearts...

2. When she had Henry died on Cristina's table


Head witch, Shonda Rhimes, had the great idea to have Cristina operate on Henry without knowing it was him, because that's a totally normal and fair thing to do. Then she added insult to injury by killing off Henry just as he and Teddy were beginning to start a life together, because she's fun like that.

3. Who could forget when she killed off Denny


Literally the moment we all discovered the true evil that lives inside Shonda was when she killed Denny just an hour after he had proposed to Izzie. The scene of her lying devastated on his hospital bed will forever be burned in our memory. Someone pass us the tissues!

4. And then there's the time that she had the little cancer kid die in her dad's arms


It was freaking traumatic to watch Bailey finally convince the father of a terminally ill little girl that there was nothing else they could do to help her, and that she was going to die. We totally lost it when she reminded him "she needs her daddy for this part".

5. Don't forget when she had Arizona cheat on Callie


Classic Shonda Rhimes move here, sweeping in and obliterating any sign of a happy couple and leaving only despair and destruction in her wake. We seriously we rooting for Callie and Arizona to make it through the stress that the plane crash had had on their relationship, but in came Dr Boswell and all our hopes and dreams were crushed.

6. How about when she had George get HIT BY A BUS


George. The sweetest, kindest, most loving guy in his intern class. We loved him, the other doctors loved him, and so naturally Shonda had to take him away in the cruelest way possible. We honestly forgot to breathe for a second when he wrote 0-0-7 in Mer's palm and we realised that hit-by-a-bus-guy was actually our favorite intern. We're not sure we'll ever forgive Shonda for this one.

7. Or perhaps when she had Lexie die in the place crash


It wasn't enough for the doctors of Seattle Grace to have survived enough trauma to last a life time - no Shonda had to up the stakes by having nearly all of our favorite doctors get into a plane crash. Especially awful was the fact that Lexie died whilst talking to Mark about how they were "meant to be".. I mean come on!?

8. And then she took Mark away too


Speaking of Lexie and Mark, it wasn't enough to kill one of them - NOPE- they both had to go. We honestly fooled ourselves into thinking that she wouldn't be so cruel, so seriously thought he would get better. The vigil that Derek and Callie kept around his bedside until he passed away was enough to move us to tears.

9. Then there's the time she killed Derek


Shonda really upped the stakes when it came to killing off McDreamy, one of the only original doctors left on the show. This was a death we were totally blindsided by (because he's a main character - they were supposed to be safe!), and the idea of Meredith having to raise 3 kids alone was heartbreaking. Plus Shonda then had the audacity to bring Penny (the doctor partially responsible for his death) to Seattle where she could torment Mer form close quarters. Nice.

10. Finally, when she took Maggie's mom


We're not emotional, you're emotional! To be fair, Shonda had given us a fairly long run without a death - for which we can only be thankful for - but we're still torn up over this one. Although we were somewhat prepared for it, it was still absolutely heartbreaking to watch Maggie realize that her mom was truly gone. Rewatch the scene here if you're in the mood to shed some tears.