10 Grey's Moment's Were Still Not Over


Grey's Anatomy is renowned for these moments - the ones that reduce us to sniveling wrecks and make us question why we put ourselves through this every week.

1) When Percy Died


There was something about seeing Bailey in tears and freaking out that broke a little part of us. It's like seeing you parents cry - it's really unnerving when the people who are always "strong" break down. We'll never forget that awful moment when Bailey realized there was no hum of the elevators and that they couldn't make it to an OR; watching Percy die in her arms was one of those Grey's moments that will stay with us forever.

2) Mary Portman's Death


This was typical Shonda torture - having us bond with Mary in the shooting episode (she already had a traumatic enough time watching Percy die, didn't that fulfill Shonda's cruelty quota for one person?) and then bringing her back later only to have her die FOR NO APPARENT REASON. This was another case that broke Bailey, and we're still not over it.

3) Little Jessica, the 6 Year Old with Tay-Sachs Disease


This was just all kinds of tragic. Dying kids are always sad, but watching her dying in Bailey's arms whilst she rocked her, and with her dad clearly in such denial (he was trying desperately to get Jessica to Mexico for treatment) we were all sorts of torn up. We truly lost it when Bailey begged her dad to sit with Jessica, saying "She needs her daddy for this part" - tears.

4) When The McNeil Parents Had To Pick Which Of Their Kids Got A Heart


Classic Shonda, coming up with the cruelest of scenarios. This was the case of the McNeil family, who had three kids all diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. Frankie McNeil was due to get a donor heart, but her sister Ivy started rejecting her own heart transplant, forcing their parents to choose which child should get the new donor heart. Cristina directed it away from Frankie to Ivy, as she had a better chance of surviving, and Frankie died on the OR table. A classic case of 'Sophie's Choice' - parents should never be forced to pick which of their children lives or dies!

5) When Cristina Operated On Henry Burton Without Knowing It Was Him


Teddy and Henry had literally JUST started building a life together and then boom nope he's dead. Cristina just thought he was a "35 year old male", and didn't find out until after he died that her boss' husband just died on the table, under her watch. If that wasn't excruciating enough, we then had to watch Teddy struggle to come to terms with this death, asking Cristina to go over every step of the surgery, multiple times a day. Talk about painful.

6) When Denny Died


Probably our first true glimpse at the horror that comes with being a Grey's addict. Denny's death, which came just an hour after proposing to Izzie, was so heartbreaking, and we're not sure we'll ever get the image of Alex picking up a sobbing Izzie (ball gown and all) from Denny's bed. We'd probably have spent the next week lying on our bathroom floors to deal with this tragedy if it weren't for having to work in the real world.

7) Bye Bye McDreamy


This freaking SHOCKER was an absolute heartbreaker for us Grey's fans. We thought Derek was headed home to reunite with Mer and live happy jolly lives together, and instead, he got hit by a semi. Not what we had planned. To add to the cruelty, Shonda kindly had his death come as a result of an incompetent neurosurgeon, so the God of Neuro was pronounced brain dead. Tragic irony.

8) When Hit-By-A-Bus-Guy Is Revealed To Be George


It's not uncommon to see major trauma roll through the doors of Seattle Grace, and this dad was no different. Shonda hit us with the bait and switch though, convincing us that George was in surgery when he was actually the John Doe lying in Trauma 1. Honestly the moment George drew out 007 on Meredith's hand, we pretty much had a heart attack ourselves. That moment will forever be burned into our hearts.

9) When Lexie Died


The plane crash episode was a cornucopia of tragedy, with our fave doctors seriously injured and stranded, but the saddest part of that episode had to be watching Little Grey lose her fight to live whilst still pinned under airplane debris. That moment showed us how apparent the love was between Lexie and Sloan, so that scene was all the more heartbreaking to watch and we were essentially reduced to a puddle of tears. To be honest, we nearly quit watching the show after this episode because we weren't sure how we'd get over all the drama. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) our addiction was too intense...

10) McSteamy's Death


Oh, the double whammy trauma of Mark Sloan's death pretty much tipped us over the edge. We held out hope that he might pull through, especially as it appeared that he was starting to improve, but why hope for anything good in Shondaland? We were kidding ourselves if we thought we could save one-half of our fave couple. Thank goodness the hospital was renamed Grey Sloan Memorial, so this dynamic duo can live in our hearts forever.

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