10 Extraordinary Grey's Anatomy Gifts You Need In Your Life


Get your wallets out, because these are must-haves!

1. This crewneck sweater!

Buy it here: Price: $34.99

2. Meredith and Derek's bedroom wall throw pillow.

Buy it here Price: $10.00

3. 'You're my person' cuff.

Buy it here: Price: $15.00

4. 'Fill the damn silence' print.

Buy it here or here

5. A wine glass for when you need to drown your sorrows.

Buy it here

6. Coffee mug for when you want to look the part.

Buy it here: Price: $25.00

7. These epic quote pencils.

Buy them here

8. For when you need a dance party

Buy it here

9. To show you're an OG fan.

Buy it here:

10. This card to show the love to your 'person'.

But it here

Someone pass us our wallets! We need all of these now!

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