Italian Dual Citizenship: Your Guide To Picking The Right Option

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Viva Italia!!! 🇮🇹

Italy is one of the immigration hot spots for Americans, and there are valid reasons for its popularity. The country offers the best of everything, from landscapes to climate, lifestyle, money opportunities, and growth prospects. Most importantly, it has an immigration process with various options for those who want to become dual citizens of Italy. If you wish to explore the options, you can get in touch with these Italian Citizenship experts who understand the immigration laws better than anyone else. Let us share an easy guide to picking the apt option according to your situation.

Know the citizenship alternatives

You will have to know your alternatives to choose the apt one in the first place. Essentially, you have three options to reach your Italian citizenship goals. These include:

  • Citizenship by descent
  • Citizenship by marriage
  • Citizenship by naturalization

Each has specific eligibility guidelines, processes, requirements, and timelines. Dig deep to understand them better before deciding which one works best for you.

Assess your eligibility

The next step is to assess your eligibility for different routes. After all, it is the first step, and you cannot proceed without qualifying for the route. The eligibility norms are pretty self-explanatory as the descent option requires you to have ancestral connections in the country, and the marriage route hinges on a marital relationship with an Italian citizen. The naturalization alternative is relatively complex as it requires applicants to have a decade-long presence in the country. It means you may have a long way to go, though you can move to Italy with options like an investor visa or elective residence visa.

Compare and find the right fit

Another valuable tip applies to potential applicants who qualify for more than one route. For example, you may have an Italian bloodline and marry a citizen of the country. It means that you qualify for two routes simultaneously. But the situation is more complicated than favorable as you feel torn between both options. The best way to decide is by comparing and finding the right fit. Consider the processes and timelines for each route, and decide what works for you in the current situation. For example, citizenship by marriage may be a better deal if you do not want to stress about tracing your ancestry documents. Conversely, the descent route sounds good if you do not want to wait for years to qualify through marriage.

Seek expert guidance

Perhaps the most valuable piece of advice for dual citizenship aspirants is to seek expert guidance for the process. Experts can help you assess and understand different routes and ensure that getting your second passport is a breeze. Collaborating with an expert keeps you ahead of document procurement, errors and omissions, and the overall process. You'll also feel more confident with an expert leading the way for a smooth journey toward Italian citizenship.

Reaching your Italian dual citizenship goals is easier than you imagine. Follow these tips to pick the right option, close it effortlessly, and start afresh in the country of your dreams.

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