We Know Your Age Based On This Pop Culture Test, Think You Can Trick Us?


Tell us if we got it wrong (we won't.)

Answer 16 questions about pop culture and we'll accurately guess your correct age. Tell us if we got it wrong (we won't get it wrong.)

 Jan 20, 2018
1 of 18Pick your answer!
Have you ever seen the movie "Airplane?"
Yes, once or twice.
Yes, multiple times.
2 of 18Pick your answer!
How many times have you watched "Toy Story"
Around 5
3 of 18Pick your answer!
How many episodes of "Cheers" have you seen?
Probably all of them.
I've seen an episode here and there.
4 of 18Pick your answer!
Have you ever watched "Adventure Time"
Maybe an episode or two.
5 of 18Pick your answer!
How many times have you seen "Mean Girls?"
Around 5?
6 of 18Pick your answer!
Who sings "Take It Easy?"
The Rolling Stones
I don't know, the Beatles?
7 of 18Who is this?
lauren, fifth harmony, hs, quiz question, Music, selfie
Camila Cabello
The girl with the dragons on "Game of Thrones"
Lauren Jauregui
8 of 18Pick your answer!
What is "Andi Mack?"
A show about a girl who turns into a puddle.
A show about a girl finding her real mom.
An actress.
9 of 18Who is this?
Sean Connery, actor, hs
United Artists
James Bond
Sean Connery
Gregory Peck
10 of 18Pick your answer!
Can you sing the theme song to "The Andy Griffith Show?"
No, but I can whistle it.
11 of 18Pick your answer!
"I Will Always Love You" was sung by who?
Whitney Houston
Dolly Parton
Mariah Carey
12 of 18Pick your answer!
What is Sabrina Carpenter known for?
No idea.
An actress.
An actress and singer
13 of 18Pick your answer!
What is a spinoff from the "Archie" comics?
Sabrina the Teenaged Witch
Betty and Veronica
14 of 18Pick your answer!
Who is the villain in "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest?"
Nurse Ratched
Randle McMurphy
Nurse Ratchet
15 of 18Pick your answer!
Who sang "Killer Tofu?"
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Backstreet Boys
The Beets
16 of 18Pick your answer!
What is Arnold's, from "Hey Arnold," last name?
He doesn't have one.
17 of 18Pick your answer!
Which of these TV shows would you throw on in the background?
Keeping Up With the Kardashians
Fixer Upper
18 of 18Pick your answer!
Choose one: John ______
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