Video Quiz: Only 1/50 People Can Name These 90s Movies From A 3 Second Clip

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Are you a real '90s movie buff?

A video quiz that tests your '90s movie trivia knowledge. Name each '90s movie with only a three second long clip!

 Nov 21, 2017
1 of 16Name that movie!
titanic, jack, leonardo dicaprio, movies, 90s, GIF, hs
What's Eating Gilbert Grape?
Cider House Rules
2 of 16Name that movie!
pretty woman, richard gere, julia roberts, 90s, romcom, GIF, hs
Notting Hill
Pretty Woman
Attractive Female
3 of 16Name that movie!
clueless, cher, movies, alicia silverstone, 90s, GIF, hs
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
Cher's Totally Clueless Adventures
4 of 16Name that movie!
edward scissorshands, winona ryder, 90s, movies, snow, GIF, hs
Edward Scissorhands
Let It Snow!
Edward The Scissorman
5 of 16Name that movie!
pulp fiction, john travolata, movies, 90s, gifs, hs
via Miramax Films
Pulp Fiction
6 of 16Name that movie!
Goodfellas, gun, gangster, movie, 90s, GIF, hs
The Godfather
7 of 16Name that movie!
Matrix, red pill blue pill, Neo, GIF, 90s, movie, hs
The Matrix via Warner Bros.
Trick question -- this is obviously a Nyquil/Dayquil commercial.
The Matrix
The Big Sick
8 of 16Name that movie!
notting hill, julia roberts, hugh grant, romcom, 90s, movies, GIF, hs
Two Weeks Notice
Pretty Woman
Notting Hill
9 of 16Name that movie!
fight club, edward norton, helena bonham carter, 90s, movies, GIF, hs
Fight Club
Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
10 of 16Name that movie!
Jurassic Park, poop, shit, jeff goldblum, 90s, movies, hs, GIF
Jurassic World
Jurassic Park
Beethoven's 2nd
11 of 16Name that movie!
the sandlot, baseball, 90s, movie, GIF, hs
via 20th Century Fox
The Sandlot
Angels In The Outfield
Little Rascals
12 of 16Name that movie!
home alone, christmas, movies, 90s, GIF, hs
Home Alone
The Bookmaster
My Girl
13 of 16Name that movie!
Hook, peter pan, robin williams, 90s, movie, GIF, hs
The Many Adventures Of Grown Up Peter Pan
14 of 16Name that movie!
As Good As It Gets, 90s, movies, romcom, Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt, hs, GIF
As Good As It Gets
It's Complicated
Witches of Eastwick
15 of 16Name that movie!
forrest gump, tom hanks, wave, hello, GIF, 90s, movie, hs
Paramount Pictures
Forrest Gump
You've Got Mail
16 of 16Name that movie!
My Best Friends Wedding, julia roberts, romcom, 90s, movies, GIF, hs
Notting Hill
My Best Friends Wedding
Steel Magnolias
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