Quiz: You're Compassionate To Others But Are You Compassionate To Yourself?

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You're compassionate towards other people, but do you care for yourself as much? How do you rank in self-compassion?

You're able to show compassion towards other people, but are you able to be compassionate to yourself? How do you rank in self-compassion?

 Nov 01, 2017
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How do you feel about your flaws?
I obsess over them.
I accept my flaws because I know everyone is flawed.
I accept my flaws totally, I am what I am.
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How do you react when something you do isn’t perfect?
I beat myself up -- I can't do anything right.
Shrug it off, no one is perfect.
I observe what went wrong but ultimately I accept it.
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How do you feel when you make a mistake?
I feel stupid.
I may be upset at first but it doesn't effect me long term.
It doesn't really bother me.
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How long do you dwell on your failures?
Very little time.
I don't dwell on my failures.
A lot of the time. Sometimes I remember a failure from six years ago.
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When you’re in emotional pain, what do you do?
I am gentle with myself and perform self-care.
I get angry at myself because other people may have it worse.
I treat myself as I would a hurt child.
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Do you think you are more inadequate than others?
No, I think I'm more adequate.
I don't think I'm more or less adequate than anyone else.
Yes, I am inadequate.
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Do you blow things out of proportion?
I might get carried away once and a while.
Almost always.
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Do you think others have it easier than you?
Everyone goes through hard and easy times, it depends.
Yes, I think people have an easier time in life than I do.
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Who was the last person to disappoint you?
A loved one.
A friend/coworker.
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Do you treat your friends differently than you treat yourself when they are sad?
I treat myself the way I would treat a friend.
I am much nicer to my friends than to myself.
I treat myself better.
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How do you feel when you ask for help?
I feel like a bother or a burden.
If I can offer help than I feel like I can ask for help too.
I feel fine asking for help.
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How do you feel when you are being lazy?
I think every now and then it's important to take time to yourself.
I feel guilty, I should be doing something.
Great, everyone needs down time.
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When you're down, do you obsess and fixate on what's wrong?
No, I focus on what is right.
I don't obsess, but I pay attention.
Yes, always.
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How do your inadequacies make you feel?
Isolated, no one messes up like me.
I don't focus on any of my inadequacies.
Connected to others, we all mess up!
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You've been laid off, how do you feel?
These things happen all the time, I feel fine.
I feel like a failure.
I analyze my work performance but ultimately I know it's just business.
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How do you feel about yourself?
I do not like myself.
I like myself most of the time, with periods of doubts.
I like myself and I take care of myself.
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