Quiz: You’d Only Survive The Salem Witch Trials If You Get 10/15 On This


No, you can't just turn the hanging committee into newts.

If you can answer ten of these trivia questions correctly, you would have lived through the Salem Witch Trials.

 Oct 17, 2017
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Who is most likely to be accused of witchcraft?
A woman of low social standing.
A preist.
A judge.
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Witches were not burned at the stake in Salem.
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How many people were accused of witchcraft?
Every townsperson, at one point.
Up to 200.
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What were people forced to recite without error to prove they weren’t a witch?
The Lord's Prayer
Their ABC's
The Declaration of Independence
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The Salem Witch Trials lasted less than one year.
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When the accused is bound and dropped in water it is called ____.
Dunk The Witch
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What is a reason a woman would be accused of being a witch?
She had a green tint to her skin.
She went to church every weekend.
She is married with few or zero children.
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No men were ever put to death during the trials.
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What began the mass hysteria in Salem?
Two young girls began twitching, screaming, and making weird noises.
Women were bored with Puritan life.
A storyteller traveled to the town and spoke of witchcraft.
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In the 1976, a new theory explained that the hallucinations were caused by…
Fungus ergot (which LSD is derived from) on the community's rye supply.
Actual witchcraft.
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The people of Salem were so hysterical, they even sentenced dogs to death for witchcraft.
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What disease was thought to be caused by witchcraft?
The common cold.
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Your life was spared if you admitted to being a witch, but what could you lose?
Your right to vote.
Your home and your land.
Your teeth.
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Birthmarks, warts, moles, and freckles could be considered marks of the devil.
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What ended the Salem Witch Trials?
The governor’s wife was accused and he ordered an end to the trials.
All the witches were put to death and everyone got better.
There were no more "innocent" people.
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What a time to be a woman! And I’m not talking about 2017. The Salem Witch Trials were “a series of hearings and prosecutions of people accused of witchcraft in colonial Massachusetts between February 1692 and May 1693”. Talk about mass hysteria. Although a sad time in history, it is especially important to remember. It shows the dangers of “isolationism, religious extremism, false accusations, and lapses in due process”. This quiz is equally important as it’ll test your knowledge on how well you remember what you were taught about this period in time. And if you don’t know or don’t remember, maybe curriculum needs to change around these parts. Inside this fascinating quiz, you can determine some of the examples of execution, even some of the symptoms people experienced that led them to their deaths. If you don’t know much about this event, there are many books and articles to read. If that’s not up your alley… pop in an episode of Charmed, a show about witches, or download Practical Magic, a story about two witch sisters. Another classic witch movie, The Craft. Entertaining to say the least. Watching these films can better help you understand the isolation and prejudice surrounding the witch. If you come out with a great score, we know there’s a higher power surrounding your intelligence! Or maybe you have a connection to energy out there. Regardless, this quiz is an interesting reminder of a dark period in the United States history but one that paved the way for reform, organization, and eliminating mass hysteria…