Quiz: Which Tim Burton Character Is Actually Your Soulmate? Find Out Now!

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Find out who will make you go bump in the night.

Which Tim Burton character is your soulmate based on these fun questions! Is Beetlejuice or a Johnny Depp classic your future husband?

 Oct 17, 2017
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How are you spending Halloween night?
I'm already planning for NEXT Halloween.
Placing a bowl of candy in front of the door and closing the blinds.
I'm making my own haunted house, with real ghosts, if the seance goes well.
Curled up in bed reading my favorite mystery novel.
I'll be listening to music, cooking, or watching my favorite scary movies.
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What is something you appreciate in someone you're dating?
He never lets his nerves get the best of him.
He's gentle and doesn't really fit in with the crowd.
He's totally unique and isn't afraid to do the unexpected.
He has a sense of righteousness, even if he goes about it the wrong way.
He's there when you call, even if it takes three tries to get through.
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Use one word to describe your perfect partner.
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Where do you see yourself in ten years?
I'm going to be famous. Maybe a musician, or hosting my own cooking show.
With my partner, a cute dog, and a lot to celebrate.
White picket fence in a neighborhood with a low murder rate.
In a position where I can help anyone who asks.
Opening a small business where my skills are appreciated.
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What does the perfect date night include?
A quiet walk by the river, but not near haunted bridges.
Meeting the family.
Sitting by the ocean and enjoying each other's company.
Trying something totally new.
Lots of pranks.
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Pick a word to describe yourself.
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What type of style do you find attractive in someone you're dating?
Black and white with classic patterns.
Whatever they'd feel comfortable being buried in.
Steam punk is oddly endearing...
Something he won't mind getting messy.
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What is one flaw that you wouldn't mind overlooking?
He's funny, but sometimes he takes the joke way too far.
He's so aloof to our relationship.
He doesn't totally trust me.
His delusions of grandeur can be grating.
He always says, "I can't," when I ask him to hold me.
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How do you want others to view your relationship?
That we get each other completely, and it's always a laugh.
We treat each other with mutual respect.
Even if we don't understand each other, we will always support each other.
That we saved each other from this lonely world.
That we work extremely well together -- team work makes the dream work.
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What is your favorite type of entertainment?
I enjoy stimulating conversation.
Prank shows, Ghost Hunters, and, oddly enough, "House Hunters."
Duck-out-of-water, coming-of-age movies.
I will binge watch anything about fairytales.
I prefer to read thrillers and anything by Agatha Christie.
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What pet name would you like your sweet baboo to call you?
"My dearest."
"The ol' lady."
I'm not really one for pet names.
He can call me whatever he wants, as long as he calls me.
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Where is your ideal honeymoon location?
An amusement park with lots of different worlds to explore.
Someplace with a lot of history steeped in myths and legends.
The rainy, cozy streets of London.
Aspen during a big winter storm.
An idyllic Connecticut bed and breakfast.
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You are walking down an unknown street and come to a crossroads. Which path do you take?
Whichever direction looks the scariest is probably where I'm more welcome.
Crossroads are for quitters -- keep going straight and forge my own path.
I'd go one direction, but then book it back to see what was down the other.
I'd wait until someone came along to give me advice.
I'd take the one that appears to be more used.
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How do you imagine meeting your soulmate?
We laughed at the same person tripping up the stairs.
He's in town for business and he asked me for recommendations.
We grabbed the same item on sale after the holiday season was over.
At a museum, he listened intently to my opinions on the work.
We hate the same people.
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What is your life's motto?
It's important to be present in the present.
Love conquers all.
Revenge is a dish best served cold.
Keep calm and carry on.
Variety is the spice of life.
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What does your dream proposal look like?
He gets all of our friends and family together for a huge party.
I have been proposing to him for years, and one day he'll finally say yes.
Preferably somewhere quiet during the fall season.
He's won over my family and romantically asks me in private.
As long as the ring is new and not something he found laying on some body.
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