Quiz: Which Of The 4 Workplace Personalities Are You Based On 16 Questions

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What do your coworkers actually think about you? Take this quick quiz to find out what your workplace personality really is!

Answer 16 questions and we'll tell you what your workplace personality is. What do your coworkers really think about you?

 Oct 18, 2017
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What word do you feel describes you best?
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Do you consider yourself a leader?
Yes, 100%.
No, not at all.
I lead conversations, not meetings.
I push myself more than I push others.
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Do you think data is more important than your gut?
I want all the evidence and data before I make a move.
I go with my gut.
Data is the most important thing.
I see what the general consensus is.
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How do you handle conflict at the office?
I try to smooth it over.
I don't say anything.
I stand my ground.
I show evidence supporting myself.
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Do you find it easy to listen to other people’s ideas?
I get too focused on my own.
If they can back it up, yes.
Yes, everyone should be heard.
My ideas are the ones not often heard.
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Are you an early bird or a night owl?
Night owl.
I tend to mimic whatever my coworkers are.
Neither, I want to sleep always.
Early bird.
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Do you prefer to work in a group or on your own?
A group, as long as everyone is getting along.
A group, as long as I'm leading.
I like to work with one or two people.
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Do you often feel overshadowed at work?
No, my ideas are listened to.
Yes, I almost never speak up.
Yes, I tend to let others speak.
No, my work and data is respected.
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Do you plan out things or jump into them?
I am very impulsive and love risks.
I need everything planned out perfectly before I begin.
I am very impatient so I jump into plans.
I have a loose plan that I can change if need be.
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Are you a detail oriented person or a big picture person?
I tend to be more big picture than focusing on the small details.
Detail oriented.
Big picture.
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Pick another word to describe yourself.
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How do you act during a debate?
Debates make me very uncomfortable.
I am cool, calm, and collected.
I am passionate, my voice may be raised.
I play mediator.
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Do you consider yourself to be a perfectionist?
No, not at all.
I try to be, but nothing is perfect.
No, my plans change too much for perfection.
Yes, 100%.
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Who do you work best with?
People who are more social than me.
People who will speak up for me.
People who are more detailed driven than me.
People who agree with me.
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Who do you butt heads with the most?
Rude, unkind people.
People who get focused on details.
Overpowering people.
Impulsive people.
16 of 16Pick your answer!
What is most important to you at a job?
Work relationships.
Helping my company succeed.
My paycheck.
My work being appreciated.
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Everyone has that one coworkers that they don't know how they would get anything done without them. On the opposite side of that coin, everyone has that one coworker who is so incompetent they're unsure of how they get ready in the morning, let alone got the job in the first place.

Ever wonder what people think of you? Are you a secret leader who is low key killing it at every turn? Are you a risk taker or someone who doesn't worry about little things like details? Are you more imaginative or more of a nurturer? Are you driven by data or driven by your gut?

An assessment was giving to more than 190,000 people, who were also observed for more than 3,000 work sessions, to see just which types of workers there are and how they all work together.

The four types of workplace personalities are pioneer, driver, integrator, and guardian. While many people draw from the four different categories at different times, most people stick to one as their main driving force.

Ideally, finding out your workplace personality will help you in the long run. Share this quiz with your coworkers and find out how they work! Opposites tend to work well together, so if you're a driver try to work with integrators, while guardians should work with pioneers.

As always, make sure you check back to Women.com frequently for fun trivia quizzes, personality quizzes, and your quick pop culture fix!

What's my workplace personality? Good question. Sadly, "sloth" didn't make the list, so I guess we'll never know.