Quiz: Where Does Your Soul Call Home? 16 Questions Reveal Where You Belong

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Spoiler alert: It probably isn't where you are right now.

Answer 16 questions about your personality to find out where, exactly, your soul truly calls "home." It probably isn't where you are right now.

 Jan 24, 2020

1 of 16Pick your answer!

What word would you like to use the most today?

2 of 16Pick your answer!

What word would scare you the most today?

3 of 16Pick your answer!

How would you like to travel?

4 of 16Pick your answer!

Where are we most likely to find you on your day off?
Exploring a new restaurant or shop.
Grabbing lunch with friends.
Reading a good book.
Visiting the museum.

5 of 16Pick your answer!

What would make you stop to listen?
Live music
Coyote howls.

6 of 16Pick your answer!

What do you consider your weakness?

7 of 16Pick your answer!

What do you consider your strength?

8 of 16Pick your answer!

How do you like to explore new cities?
I explore their art and theater scene.
I visit the "tourist traps."
I find all the best restaurants.
I talk to the locals and see what they enjoy.

9 of 16Pick your answer!

What is most important to you?
Growing as a person.
My significant other.
My family.
My friends.

10 of 16Pick your answer!

What is something new you would like to learn?
A new language.
How to cook a new cuisine.
How do to improv comedy or stand up.
A new instrument.

11 of 16Pick your answer!

If money were no object, which would you prefer to do?
Travel/Food writer.
I would spend my days relaxing at home.

12 of 16Pick your answer!

How do you feel about making mistakes?
Mistakes happen, and I'm happy to learn from them.
They embarrass me.
I feel like a bit of a failure/I let someone down.
I make mistakes and am thankful if no one is there to judge me.

13 of 16Pick your answer!

Pick a drink to cheers to your health.
What's everyone else drinking?
Red wine

14 of 16Pick your answer!

A stranger asks you to dance, how do you respond?
Get up and dance!
As long as it isn't a slow dance...
Depends on the setting/the vibe I get from the stranger.

15 of 16Pick your answer!

How do you relax?
I throw myself in a totally new experience.
Connecting with nature as much as I can.
Oceans, lakes, ponds calm me.
I daydream.

16 of 16Pick your answer!

When is the last time you did something for the first time?
Not for a long time.
Within a year.
I'm doing something new as we speak.
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