Quiz: What Very Specific Random Disney Quote Defines Your Life?


Are you more of a "I NEED SIX EGGS" or "Hello, out there! Oh, I hope nobody answers."

Answer 16 questions about your life to find out what very obscure, random Disney quote best defines your life. "I NEED SIX EGGS!"

 Jan 10, 2018
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As a kid, what was your favorite food?
Chicken nuggets
Mac and cheese
Ice cream
Any and all candy.
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What chore is your least favorite?
Cleaning the bathroom.
Making my bed.
Cleaning the kitchen.
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If you didn't HAVE to sleep, what would you do with all that time?
Spend it with my family.
I'd find another use for my bed. WINK.
Reading, starting a new hobby.
I'd still sleep just for fun, TBH.
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What job would you be terrible at?
Teacher -- especially elementary school.
A boring office job.
Lawyer, I can't argue without crying.
Waiter/waitress. Talking to so many strangers.
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What random skill do you wish you were really good at?
Breaking an apple in half with my bare hands.
6 of 16Pick your answer!
Are you usually early or late?
I'm usually on time.
Late, through no fault of my own.
Late, because I probably slept in.
Early, I find it rude not to be on time.
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You've been frozen for 100 years, what do you ask?
What about my family?
If I'm still sleepy, 100 more years.
For something to eat, probably.
Technological advances.
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What kind of TV shows do you prefer?
Soap operas, or something romantic.
Law and Order, CSI
Obscure comedies.
9 of 16Pick your answer!
What is your guilty food pleasure?
Anchovies or sardines.
Expensive coffee.
Expensive take out.
Avocado toast.
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Most likely title of your autobiography?
"Please Don't Talk To Me, I Am Scared"
"The Opposite Of Sex In The City: Abstinences In The Country"
"A Tell-All Book By Someone You Don't Want To Hear It From"
"How To Have It All -- Seriously, How?"
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What extreme sport would you actually try?
White water rafting.
Dirt biking.
Sky diving.
Competitive eating.
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What are you?
A realistic who realizes everything's the worst, so pessimist.
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What's the funniest fruit/vegetable?
14 of 16Pick your answer!
There are only two types of people in this world...
Red Vines people or Twizzler people.
People who pour the cereal first or people who pour the milk first.
People who eat pizza crust or people who don't.
Bookmark people or page folders.
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What makes you angry?
People who are mean just to be jerks.
People who are incompetent at their jobs.
Ignorant people who just DON'T GET ANYTHING.
People telling me what to do.
16 of 16Pick your answer!
What's the scariest?
Public speaking.
My mental health declining.
The North American Grizzly.
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