Quiz: What Type Of "Happiness" Do You Possess And Give Off To Others?


According to psychologists there are three types of "happy."

According to psychologists there are three types of "happy." Which one do you have according to these 16 questions?

 Jan 22, 2018

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What word describes you best?

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What would you enjoy most?
Cooking for a few friends.
A luxurious dinner at a 5 star restaurant!
A healthy meal.

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What's your go to drink?
I'll have a few beers.
Whatever my friends are having.

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Where can we find you on a Saturday night?
Having a crazy adventure in the city.
Probably in with a book or with family.
Either with friends or on a date.

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How do you show people that you love them?
I help them and do things for them.
I am very physically affectionate.
I tell them how much they mean to me in words.

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Do you exercise?
Only when I have to.
Yes, it is important to me.

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Do you often do things for others?
Yes, all the time.
If they are close to me, yes.

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How are you at keeping in touch?
The WORST, please call me first.
I'm okay, I reach out when I remember.
Great, I keep in touch with everyone that's important to me.

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Where would you love to visit?
Maybe where my ancestors came from.
Italy or France
An all inclusive resort where all the drinks are free.

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Do you share your feelings with others?
Yes, I'm very open with how I feel. Too open, some say.
To some people, somewhat.
I honestly prefer to listen than to share my own.

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What is your favorite season?

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Do you often engage in challenging activities?
No, thanks.
Not often, but I would.
Yes, and I love it!

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Do you often think about the past or future?
Yes, I think about the both often.
I only focus on the future.
I focus only on the present.

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Do you believe your life has meaning?

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Are you spiritual?
Somewhat, I follow traditions that I enjoy.

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Does having a lot of money make you happy?
It makes me feel secure, and that makes me feel happy.
Money does not equal happiness for me.

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What are you most likely to laugh at?
A funny joke
Someone falling or doing something silly
A clever jab

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Pick a genre of music!
Rock n roll

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Are you more of an extrovert or introvert?
In between

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What would be most meaningful for you?
Your loved one gets you an unexpected gift
You get to spend some alone time with your loved one
Your loved one does something nice for you without being asked
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