Quiz: What Is Your Level Of Intuition? Do You Know When Things Are Wrong?


Can your gut reaction be trusted?

These 16 questions will determine just what type of intuition you truly have. Do you trust your gut in situations or while meeting new people?

 Jan 23, 2018

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How do you go about making plans?
I like to have some plans but not set in stone.
I never make plans, I'm more of a "go with the flow" type.
I like to have a schedule set with solid plans.

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How do you feel when you meet someone new?
I tend to be a bit closed off until I get to know them better.
I'm open to getting to know them.
I know right away if I like them or not.

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Would you describe yourself as punctual?
Not one bit...always late.
I try to be on time but it doesn't always happen...
Yes, I like to be on time for my commitments.

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How do you feel about psychics?
Don't believe in them.
Not sure what to believe, I'm open to them.
I definitely believe in them.

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Have you ever ignored your gut reaction and later regretted it?
I never ignore my gut reaction.

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Have your co-workers ever been confused by your decisions without complete facts?
No, I tend to trust the numbers and facts.
Yes, often! But I usually am right!

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Describe your creative process.
I get an idea, sometimes randomly, and I go with it.
I have a lot of ideas but follow the one that makes most sense.
I discuss my ideas with those around me. Collaboration is important.

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Have you ever felt worried for no reason, only to have something bad happen later?

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When you have an idea come from no where, do you act on it?
No, I dissect it and see if it is worthwhile.
Yes, always. It usually works well too!

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Have you ever felt another person's emotional pain before they told you about it?
Yes, almost always.

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Choose a word to describe you best.

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Can you always tell if someone is lying?
It depends on the situation.
Yes, always.

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What happens when you become lost?
I need to stop for directions.
I get turned around but figure it out eventually.
I find my way naturally in a fairly short amount of time.

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Do you ever feel a strong connection to strangers or places you've never been?
It depends.

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Do you often "take on" the feelings of those around you?
Yes, even when I don't want to.

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Have you ever had a premonition that saved you from danger?
Yes, more than once.
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