Quiz: What Is Your Drunk Self's Zodiac Sign?


Your drunk self probably doesn't match up with your real horoscope.

Your drunk self probably doesn't match up with your real horoscope. Are you a different sign entirely?

 Feb 05, 2018

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You say you're going out. Where can we find you?
At the bar.
Already ordering my Uber back home.
On the dance floor.
Trying to find someone cute.

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Which do you prefer?
Dinner party
Any place with a lot of drinking games
Bar crawl
House party

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Drink of choice?
Shots of anything.
A classic cocktail

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What are you most likely to do?
Get into a fight or break one up.
Break a bone, get a black eye, get arrested.
Wake up in someone else's bed.
Cry or tell someone I love them by the end of the night.

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What do you friends typically tell you?
"Please come out. You never come out."
"Please don't do the worm across the bar again tonight."
"Where did you go? We lost you."
"Calm down."

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Karaoke song?
"Wannabe" Spice Girls
"Don't Stop Believin'" Journey
"We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" Taylor Swift
"Let's Get It On" Marvin Gaye

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Best part of the night?
Seeing how many people I can flirt with.
Deleting all my texts so I have no idea what chaos I caused.
Drunk eating all my feelings.
Making it home in one piece.

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What's your worst drunk habit?
Leaving my friends because they annoyed me.
Drunk dialing an ex.
Trying to prove I can drink everyone under the table.
Leaving with someone I just met.

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Do you typically pregame?
Is it still a pregame is I get so drunk I can't go out?
Life is a pregame if you never stop drinking.
No, I usually just go out.

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Best drunk food?
16 slices of pizza
Fast food
I don't eat and drink.

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Some guys at the bar call your friend something HORRIBLE. What do you do?
Ignore it.
Confront them and demand an apology.
Throw your drink on them.
Make fun of the losers.

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Who are you at the party?
Best dancer

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It's the end of the night, where are you?
At home, in bed.
Passed out wherever I laid my little head.
Heading to the after party.
Leaving with someone.

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You've been cut off. How do you react?
Act fine, but sneak away to chug something else.
I accept it, maybe I have had too much.
One more, then I'll be good, I promise.

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Which sounds most like you?
"I've got a few tricks up my sleeve... and some spiders."
"I don't know who I'm texting but they're getting a nude."
"I'm sorry. Are you mad at me? I'm sorry."

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What's the real truth?
I want to be loved like the girl with the extra hair tie in the potty.
I want to find someone who can keep up with me.
I want to be appreciated.
I want to be appreciated for how long I can hold a keg stand.
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