Quiz: We Know Your Most Attractive Quality Based On Your Dating Skills


We know what draws people to you. Do you?

Answer 16 questions about your dating style to find out what people think your most attractive quality really is.

 Jan 09, 2018
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How do you normally meet people?
I have been friends with them, or a friend sets me up.
Bars, bookstores, somewhere I can meet someone new.
Dating app, TBH.
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How do you ask someone out?
Face to face, with low pressure.
I wait until they ask me.
I text "you up?"
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Someone tells you that they like you, how do you react?
I'll thank them, but if I like them back I'll make a move.
Probably stutter a response back.
I blush and thank them.
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Where are you most likely to take a first date?
A nice restaurant.
A bar.
A comedy club or museum.
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Your date is a bit shy, how do you react?
I talk about my own interests to see if they open up.
I'll get us a drink -- liquid courage.
I ask them about their job or interests.
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Do you pay for the date?
I'll offer to go splits.
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How do you act when you don't like the person?
I thank them for a great night but say there was no spark.
I agree to another date, but then never call/text them again.
I'm kind, and I may go out with them again to avoid hurt feelings.
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If you like a person, how do you end a date?
I'll see if they want to get a nightcap or ice cream.
I ask them out again.
I'll invite them in.
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Would you hook up on the first date?
Yes, always, if the other person will have me.
If I really, really like a person.
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How do you know that you like another person?
We can make each other laugh until we cry.
They keep me on my toes.
We have the same morals.
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What is the most important quality in a partner?
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Why have past relationships ended?
The person wasn't who I thought they were.
I don't know, they usually break up with me.
It just became dull and predictable.
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What type of person, that is wrong for you, are you drawn to?
Someone unwilling to settle down.
Gorgeous people. I'm always distracted by looks.
Broken people, I want to fix you!
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Have you ever dated more than one person?
I'm lucky to find ONE PERSON.
I have played the field.
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Have you ever gone back to an ex?
I try not to talk to my exes.
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When you date someone, what do you hope to find?
Someone who can tolerate my annoying behavior.
A partner in crime.
True love.
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