Quiz: We Can Tell If You're A Natural Blonde Or An Imposter In 16 Questions


We can tell if you're a natural blonde or an imposter based on these 16 probing questions. Show us your roots.

We can tell if you're a natural blonde or if you dye your hair because blondes have more fun. Show us your roots.

 Oct 20, 2017
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Someone tells you an insulting joke, how do you react?
I tell them why they’re wrong, and source my evidence.
I laugh nervously.
I stare at them blankly.
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How often do you wash your hair?
Two to three times a week.
Once a week.
Every day.
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Do you have to repeat yourself often?
Unless I'm yelling, yes.
No, people listen the first time.
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Who sheds more? You, a Golden Retriever, or a white cat on black clothes?
White cat on black clothes.
Golden Retriever
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How do you feel about social media?
It's a great way to keep in touch.
I don't do social media.
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There’s been a blizzard, where can we find you?
Uh, inside?
Sledding, building snowmen, etc.
You can't, I blend in.
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Why would your hair turn green?
I dyed it.
My hair would never turn green.
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Why would you use special violet shampoo?
So my hair doesn't look yellow.
Just a fan of purple.
It tints my hair purple.
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What makes you feel proud?
Doing better than someone I knew in high school.
Proving people wrong.
A big ol' paycheck.
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If you got decent grades in college, you were referred to as…
Elle Woods
Teacher's pet
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Are you Polish or Swedish?
Why does everyone ask that?
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Despite your interests, what did you usually get for birthday presents?
Sports equipment
Barbie dolls
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What’s a must have item for a beach day?
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Do you feel like your appearance coheres to your personality?
In some ways, yes.
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Dry shampoo is a gift, but too much of a good thing…
I have never used dry shampoo.
Makes my hair look gray as a grandma's.
Makes my hair smell like deodorant.
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If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
My hair color.
How others perceive me.
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Calling all hair stylists, hair enthusiasts, hair dyers, hair naturalists, and anyone with hair really; Here is a quiz for you! Of course you know whether your hair is dyed or not, but the rest of the world, they don't have a clue! Everyone around you knows that you have great hair, but they're always left wondering if all that beautiful color is all real, and you leave them guessing! Maybe you're just meticulous about your roots, consider your hair stylist your best friend, and have her phone number saved as one of your favorites. Or maybe you're all natural baby. No one can ever tell. But we can, and we haven't even seen your hair!

Take this 16 question test and at the end of it, we'll be able to tell you if you're a natural blonde or not. Seems like an impossible task, but we promise that we can do it. That's right, through the internet with just these 16 thought-provoking personality questions we'll be able to identify what all your friends and everyone around you can't: If your blonde tresses are natural or not. A question like: "Someone tells you an insulting joke, how do you react?" might seem unrelated to hair color, but as you know, hair color is about so much more than just color — it's about your identity! Don't believe us? Click "Let's Play!" to put our hair-color-identifying skills to the test. Don't you worry though, we'll keep the answer to ourselves; you might want to share the result, however!