Quiz: We Can Guess Your Birth Order Based On How Picky Of An Eater You Are

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Are you as picky as your birth order suggests?

We know if you are the oldest, middle, or youngest child solely on which foods you prefer. Do you match up?

 Jan 15, 2018
1 of 20Pick your answer!
Mayo on french fries?
No! Gross.
Lots of people do it, so it must be good!
2 of 20Pick your answer!
What goes on your hot dog?
Mustard, ketchup, pickles, relish, onions, banana peppers...
I would rather DIE than eat a hot dog.
Mustard or ketchup.
3 of 20Pick your answer!
What's your go-to take out order?
I can't afford take out.
4 of 20Pick your answer!
What vegetable can't you stand?
I will literally eat anything you put in front of me.
Brussel sprouts
5 of 20Pick your answer!
What really makes a dish great?
Slather it with cheese.
It has to be a good cut, well prepared, and well presented.
If it's seasoned correctly.
6 of 20Pick your answer!
Favorite type of chocolate?
7 of 20Pick your answer!
Which do you prefer?
Why not both?
8 of 20Pick your answer!
How do you take your coffee?
I prefer espresso drinks like lattes.
Cream and sugar.
9 of 20Pick your answer!
What goes on your toast?
Organic peanut butter
Peanut butter and honey.
10 of 20Pick your answer!
What came first, the chicken or the egg?
...The nugget.
11 of 20Pick your answer!
Best part of a fast food meal?
Chicken nuggets
The food being fast.
French fries
12 of 20Pick your answer!
How do you pour your cereal?
I pour it straight into my mouth.
Milk first, then cereal.
Cereal first, then milk.
13 of 20Pick your answer!
Favorite berry?
14 of 20Pick your answer!
Mac and cheese from a box or homemade?
Any mac and cheese is the good kind of mac and cheese.
From a box.
15 of 20Pick your answer!
How do you take your steak?
If it isn't medium-rare, I refuse to eat it.
16 of 20Pick your answer!
What food do you not understand the hype over?
Anything low-fat.
17 of 20Pick your answer!
Choose a level of spiciness:
18 of 20Pick your answer!
Favorite ice cream flavor?
Mint Chip
Rocky Road
19 of 20Pick your answer!
Favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner?
The turkey, duh
Mashed potatoes
20 of 20Pick your answer!
Drink of choice?
Anything alcoholic
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