Quiz: We Can 100% Tell If You're The Oldest, Middle, Or Youngest Child


Answer 16 questions and we'll accurately predict if you're the oldest, middle, or youngest child.

Answer these sixteen questions to find out if we can accurately predict if you are the oldest, middle, or youngest child.

 Oct 25, 2017
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What role are you most likely to take on?
2 of 16Pick your answer!
What type of career are you drawn to?
Actor, writer, or chef.
Independent business, politics, or teaching.
Therapist, athlete, or lawyer.
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How often do you clean your home?
I'll clean up when it's dirty, but I have no schedule.
Often, I have a set schedule of when things need to be done.
As little as possible.
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What is one of your biggest passions?
Social justice
5 of 16Pick your answer!
Do you have more or less education than your siblings?
It is about the same.
Less education.
More education.
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Who tends to reach out to the other sibling the most?
They reach out to me.
I am always the one reaching out.
I keep us in touch when I think about it.
7 of 16Pick your answer!
Did you move away from where you grew up?
I have moved away.
I stayed where I grew up.
I've moved around a bit, but I'm not far.
8 of 16Pick your answer!
What is your worst habit?
I can be bossy.
I don't take things seriously.
I'm attention seeking.
9 of 16Pick your answer!
Do you look more like your mother or father?
I look like my mother.
I look like my father.
I don't know.
10 of 16Pick your answer!
What is the biggest worry in your life right now?
Money issues.
I want to be doing better in my career.
Family/relationship issues.
11 of 16Pick your answer!
Are you organized?
Not organized at all.
Somewhat organized.
Very organized.
12 of 16Pick your answer!
Do you think life is fair?
More often then not, I don't think life is fair.
I think life is fair.
If you work hard, you'll succeed. Nothing to do with fair.
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Do you think you are funny?
I try to be.
I'm a more serious person.
I am hilarious.
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Did you get in trouble a lot as a kid?
I got in trouble a lot.
Now and again, but I was mostly well behaved.
15 of 16Pick your answer!
Are you a dreamer or a realist?
Neither one or the other.
16 of 16Pick your answer!
Do you feel like you have a lot in common with your siblings?
No, not at all. I am very different.
For the most part.
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