Quiz: This In-Depth Personality Test Will Tell You Your Fundamental Trait

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What type of person are you really?

Take this in-depth personality test to find out what is your true fundamental trait. What type of person are you really?

 Dec 13, 2017
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What is the most important?
Being honest to yourself, but kind to others.
Being honest.
Being kind.
Being true to yourself.
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Which would you prefer?
Having a job that pays a LOT, but not being particularly happy.
Being happy, but not having a "successful" career.
Money is not important to me at all.
I want a fulfilling career, despite the money or happiness.
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Which describes you the best?
I like to go out and meet people like me.
I like to socialize but would prefer more alone time.
I love going out and meeting many new and different people.
I hate socializing, I only have a handful of close friends.
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What would be a dream job for you?
Social media guru, TV writer, or social worker.
CEO, Angel investor, or doctor.
Engineer, teacher, or historian.
A writer, artist, or actor.
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Which best describes you?
I worry what others think of me.
I want everyone to love me.
I don't concern myself with other people's opinions of me.
I worry I don't measure up to others.
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When would you arrive to a party?
I'm not the first one there, but I'm there fairly early.
If it's a close friend's party I'm there very early. If not, I'm late.
I'm early, I like to help set up.
I'm late, usually the last one to arrive.
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Where are you usually at during a party?
Making friends with a dog/cat in the corner.
Having a one-on-one conversation.
Center of attention, cracking jokes.
I mingle with a lot of different groups.
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How do you handle conflict?
I'm steadfast and a bit stubborn.
I try to crack a joke to cut the tension.
I present my arguments with evidence and facts.
I approach the issue from all angles.
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What is a good day to you?
Having plenty of time to myself to relax.
Checking off a massive to-do list.
Spending time with others and having a lot of laughs together.
Sitting with a good book and learning something new.
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How do you feel about the future?
I'm excited and hopeful.
Nervous, I hope I get what I want.
I try not to think about it.
The future scares me, I know what I want and hopefully how to get there.
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Which describes you best?
I always think with my heart.
I think with my head more than my heart.
I always think with my head.
I think with my heart more than my head.
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What is your worst habit?
I'm bad at keeping in touch with people.
I procrastinate everything!
I'm stubborn.
I get lost in my own thoughts.
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What do you think is the most important quality in a partner?
They're kind.
They're patient with me.
They're intelligent.
They're encouraging of me.
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Which is the most annoying?
Disappointing someone you love.
People who get their feelings hurt over everything.
Ignorant people.
Rude people.
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How often do you think about past mistakes?
Only if they were BIG mistakes.
Very often, I dwell on them.
For a bit after they happen, but then not again.
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What is something you wish you had more of?
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