Quiz: These 16 Questions Will Show You What Type Of "Dreamer" You Are


Don't sleep on this quiz.

Answer 16 questions about your sleeping habits to find out which of the four types of dreamers you are. How do you dream?

 Jan 06, 2018
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What time do you typically go to bed?
In between 9-10PM.
After midnight
Whenever I actually fall asleep.
Early, 8-9PM.
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How long does it take you to fall asleep?
Usually a half hour or so.
I fall asleep quickly.
5-10 minutes.
It takes me hours.
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What animal do you dream about often?
I don't dream of animals often.
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Have you ever experienced sleep paralysis?
Yes, as well as sleepwalking or sleep talking.
I have before, but not often.
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Do you dream of falling?
Yes, and it scares me.
Yes, I wake myself up when I do.
Yes, but I find it exciting, I may fly.
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Do you often have nightmares?
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Are you able to recognize that you are dreaming?
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Do you often remember your dreams?
Not often.
Yes, because they wake me up.
Yes, very often.
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Do you have dreams that seem to tell you something?
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Do you have deja vu often?
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Do you feel in control of your dreams?
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How would you describe your dreams?
Scary, unnerving.
Magical and fun.
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Have you had a dream come true?
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Do you have trouble waking up?
Yes, it takes me a while to get up but nothing crazy.
No, I have trouble staying asleep.
Yes, I never want to wake up.
No, I wake up naturally refreshed.
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Do you take naps during the day or "zone out?"
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How late do you sleep?
Past 10AM.
I wake up early, 4-6AM, because I like to.
Around 5-6AM.
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